Alan Walker - Different World feat. Sofia Carson, K-391 & CORSAK (Lyric Video)

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Опубликовано: 1 week ago
Walkers! So excited to finally release my new single «Different World» with the talented Sofia Carson, K-391 and CORSAK! I am blessed to have a voice that can spread the important message behind it, and I truly believe that together we can create a Different World. Let’s do this🙏🏻

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Listen to the single here:

- Alan


Director & Editor:
Alexander Zarate Frez

Concept by:

Simon Compagnet

Additional footage from:
Bradley Wickham
Bror Bror


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Чот мне прям пойти по убирать на нашем пляжу захотелось)

9 minutes ago

My favorite song

9 minutes ago

Alan fans hit like

10 minutes ago

perfection doesn't exis..... oh wait

12 minutes ago

Love you song

20 minutes ago

Well this is so beautiful and meaningful ❤

23 minutes ago

And may this music video get more than a billion views

28 minutes ago

Guys alan is a she

30 minutes ago

Now I m officially a Walker, this is just amazing

31 minutes ago

Kto z polski i kocha alana walkera like

31 minutes ago

me encanto 😢😢 me iso llorar😍😘

33 minutes ago

Alan you are amazing i love you so much you are a great

33 minutes ago

The previous song diamond heart was not up to the mark but this one just rocks!!!!

36 minutes ago


37 minutes ago


39 minutes ago

This is a special way to tell people what goes wrong with our world! Respect!! 😍 I love it 😍

40 minutes ago

There is always a deep meaning in ur song, and i like it😀😁

42 minutes ago


43 minutes ago

3D Audio of this song is now available in my channel

57 minutes ago

1.25x speed is actually good. Try it.

1 hour ago

Koffam twoje piosenki codziennie słucham poprostu Koffam Cię <3333 :3 ;3 (PL)
Życzę Ci dalszych sukcesów <3 (Popłakałam się)

1 hour ago

The songs by Alan Walker give a crippling depression

1 hour ago

3D Audio of this song is now available in my channel

55 minutes ago

Try to rhyme it better next time. (It's not bad)

1 hour ago

Isn’t it “Even though we might HAVE lost tonight”? There’s no “have”

1 hour ago

Please save our world😭 AW

1 hour ago

Po polsku tłumaczenie to super pomysł

1 hour ago

Go for a better world!!!!!

1 hour ago

Looks like this deserves more views I am talking about at least 500 million views...😄😄😅so people will know what's really going on around the world..!

1 hour ago


1 hour ago


1 hour ago