My DNA Test Proved That We Are Not Related

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Published: 5 months ago
My DNA Test Teared Our Family Apart

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Hi! My name is Tabby, and I have recently found out that my whole life has basically been one big lie! It all started when my older sister, Daphne, and I saved up to send off for DNA and ancestry tests from one of those online ancestry sites. We love history and wanted to find out more about the history of our parents’ ancestors. We didn’t tell our parents about what we were doing because we wanted it to be a surprise. It was very exciting!
The moment we received the test results - we were confused and shocked. The results showed that there were lots of differences in the areas of the world where our DNA came from. So many differences! Hmm, what exactly could that mean? We thought there must have been a mistake. We contacted the company. Everything was double-checked, and they said that the results were correct, which just made us even more confused!
That night, Daphne and I sat down to watch a movie and eat ice-cream, which is our usual Friday night tradition, but instead of watching a movie we stayed up all night discussing the DNA results. We wracked our brains trying to come up with some kind of rational explanation, but we were clueless! Daphne suggested that we check the site, as maybe we could find an explanation there. As we were searching through the site, Daphne stopped for a second and looked at me like she was about to say something so I commented “I know what you are thinking, but please don’t say it”! Daphne put the ice cream aside and asked “but what if it’s true?” We stared at each other for a moment and it hit me. Flashes of our childhood, our trips, and our fights all passed through my head like a movie, and I said to myself “what if it IS true”! Daphne clicked on some button and we saw that we were not listed as sisters! WHAT? Wait… “refresh the page” I said. Still, the same result!!




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Ok this isn't a real story 100% Fiction but what if...
Mom: honey, we need to talk...
Daughter: Yea?
Mom: Im not your real mother.
Daughter: What?!
Mom: Your aunt is your mother
Daughter goes to "Dad"
Asks him about it
Dad: Yes, your aunt is your mother... but your siblings are really your cousins but...
Daughter: But even if you aren't my real dad can I still call you dad?
Dad: Don't tell your mother, but Im still your biological father...
Like if you get it😂

9 hours ago

The questionmarks (hidden tipp)

11 hours ago

The DNA test proved that I am not replayed to a bannana

11 hours ago

When you find out you were related to bananas

14 hours ago

there was a dna backround

14 hours ago

Why was the thumpnail a banana

15 hours ago

Forget the blood,relations are made through hearts

18 hours ago

No one:

My mind before the video: she's daughter of a banana

18 hours ago

Girl we can fight through this don't worry

19 hours ago

Dna test

20 hours ago

Pause yep she was adopted

21 hours ago

Your dad looks like a grandma

22 hours ago

When they looked at the computer it showed two parents above the orange shirt girl and above the white shirt girl it showed questionmarks 2:24

23 hours ago

Blood makes you related, love and loyalty makes you family

1 day ago


1 day ago

Why is the thumbnail a banana???

1 day ago

Is she half banana because the thunail is a banana.

1 day ago

Who came for the banana 🙋‍♀️

1 day ago

Why was there a banana

1 day ago

The twist is that DNA TESTS LiE!!!!!!

1 day ago

On the comperter it showed which one was adopted and which one was their true daughter

1 day ago

Why the bannana?

1 day ago

Plot twist: Her sister is her mother

Jk 😂

1 day ago

What if my mom tells me im adopted

"Oh god... really??? My life is a lieeeeeeeee... and can i play some roblox pls??"

1 day ago

the clue is in 0:48 seconds of the video

1 day ago

Why is being adopted bad?

1 day ago

The thumbnail

1 day ago

What type of surprise is this for their parents?
Oh mum, dad, we are related sister. And it's not like you don't know.

1 day ago

Be grateful they took care of you by their chose!

1 day ago

her family was a banana tree all this time

1 day ago

Why is there a banana in thumbnail???

2 days ago