We FINISHED the $100,000 PC! - 6 Editors 1 CPU Pt. 6

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Published: 3 weeks ago
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After all the kinks have been worked out, we finally build and watercool the 6 Editors 1 CPU PC - let's see if it works!

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Intro Screen Music Credit:
Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: http://www.youtubesmov.com/mov/YWl3UFmxfKP/vid.html?
iTunes Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High http://www.youtube.com/approachingnirvana


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But the really question is...
Could it run Minecraft?

43 minutes ago

But can it run crysis?

45 minutes ago

Can it run crisis though?

2 hours ago

Thats $16666.66 a computer idk how you can spend 16666 on a single computer

3 hours ago

But can it run minecraft?

3 hours ago

"Oh you got a new PC? Cool, how powerful is it?" "Oh not too powerful I'm just controlling NASA and the whole government. Not too much" Laughs while launching a Rocket into space

4 hours ago

Can you play Minecraft in this?

5 hours ago

Hey, can someone explain what “bottlenecking” or something like that is?

5 hours ago

when you have a component which is ruining the speed of all other components because of its poor performance. Think like this pc if it had only 8gb of ram, that would fucked the whole pc performance even tho the other components is worth 100,000$

2 hours ago

But can it run crisis?

6 hours ago

He forgot to DoWnLoaD MorE RaM

6 hours ago

YouTube recommendations: "yo fam wanna see how poor you are?"

10 hours ago


11 hours ago

Any dual socket ryzen boards? Processing power may be lower, but PCI-E 4 could be interesting. Gives you more bandwidth for your graphics cards and maybe enough left over for your networking.

11 hours ago

I wanted to see it run Crysis

12 hours ago

Monitor with the 4 screens ??

16 hours ago

What exactly do you need a Titan for in a video editing workstation?
For accelerating some few effects rendering that render instantly from CPU anyway? And this although LTT doesn't really use any effects..
Or for the horrible hardware video encoding quality? For sure you don't use this, either...

16 hours ago

You should paint flames on the side of it ... You know .. sex it up a bit !

20 hours ago

in 20 years something this powerful wont be more then a few grand

23 hours ago

Should have used the chiller

1 day ago

But the quation is, can it run fortnite

1 day ago

What application are you using to measure the amount of CPU cores being used? Or is that an actual thing in Blender?

1 day ago


1 day ago

Мэдимурк конечно круче ПК собирает...

1 day ago

Bro after 3 years it will be spank by a $2,000 pc

1 day ago

Let me guess: obliterated by a 1/10 cost EPYC setup

1 day ago

Can u plz plz plz, build me a PC. I've bee. Wanting one for 2 years and a half but my parents cant afford to buy me one. When I heard the budget that they were maybe be able to buy was $400. I have A's in B's and they promised me that they would buy me one if I got those grades but they aren't. Please if u see this plz build me one and keep up the amazing content.

1 day ago

That's really the typical channel where you can see the most overkill and useless setups... You need it only to make videos on it, not giving it any further real use

1 day ago

Now for the real question... Can it play "Ready Player one" <--- If someone actually makes a game like that soon I'll be like *Linus I'm coming for your $100,000 pc*

1 day ago

If linus was holding on to someone. Over a cliff, he would most Definetly drop them, even with Spider-Man sticky hands

1 day ago


1 day ago