they made fortnite golf carts into a real thing!

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Published: 2 weeks ago


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We were so baked we forgot to take off the clothing labels

2 weeks ago

your worse then plastic

3 days ago

Running out of content

4 days ago

hey bucks who tf invited you

4 days ago

I thought you kept them on so you could refund them

1 week ago

Makes sence

1 week ago

I can’t fkin breathe their clothes tags are just dangling around 😂😂😂

Even at the ending part it’s just THERE

17 seconds ago

Swagger: is stoned and wearing a helmet

Ryan: “Hey Swagger let me take a shot of you guys driving recklessly”

Swagger: crashes

Ryan: surprised pikachu face

9 minutes ago

Thank you for existing

1 hour ago

Bruh Swagger jumped maybe 2 1/2 inches off the ground

2 hours ago

Fitz looks like a 28 year old software engineer who is working for a sketchy startup and not getting regularly paid but everyone he knows is dropdead rich at his age so he's trying to fit in with his tagged vest and 30 year old untrimmed beard please Fitz trim that shit you fucking barbarian don't make me come to you and chop that shit off

3 hours ago

Fitz is slowly turning into Pewds

4 hours ago

Fitz is like a rip off lebron james

5 hours ago

I noticed that Swagger looks just like arin from Game Grumps when he takes his helmet off

6 hours ago

10:08 *crashes into them but still checks if they’re okay. Such a faggot father move swaggs

6 hours ago

Wait swagger is fat

7 hours ago

it would be fun if the misfits bought cheap ass cars and played demolition derby

8 hours ago

I bet Jay made this title

9 hours ago

Fitz is dressed like my uncle

9 hours ago

Fitz with the old man hat 😂

10 hours ago

Reminds me of happy Gilmore

13 hours ago

U guys should do a fitness challenge

14 hours ago

Fitz casually looking like he’s jumping over a skyscraper at the end

15 hours ago

Swagger looks like a fucking kid compared to Fitz

18 hours ago

Can you guys go play airsoft

18 hours ago

"I couldn't hear you I was swearing"

19 hours ago

Play it would be jokes

20 hours ago

is it just me or is swagger that short compared to the others xD oml (much love to him btw)

1 day ago

Dad & Son moments

1 day ago

Wish swagger would show us who he looks like, but either way for me personally, I think no matter what he looks like we’d still support his but always been curious

1 day ago

What's the song?

1 day ago

song @ 0:12 ?

1 day ago

@トランプドナルド 👎

23 hours ago

Darude Sandstoorm

23 hours ago

Swagger looks like a kid compared to fitz, haha look how short swagger is everyone haha

1 day ago

I am so fucking confused what’s happening 😂

1 day ago

Wtf they added youtube comments from youtube rewind into a real thing!

1 day ago