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Published: 1 week ago
New epilogue limited series “Steven Universe Future” coming soon to Cartoon Network

The future is bright 🌟🖤


About Steven Universe:
Introducing the Crystal Gems! Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl… and Steven. Steven might not know how to use the magical powers that come out of his bellybutton, but that doesn’t stop him from joining the Gems on their magical adventures!

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Show: Here We are in the future!
Me: confused screaming

2 minutes ago

Wormy boi looks suspicious

3 minutes ago


7 minutes ago

Amber and Aqua Marine fusion?

All 4 diamonds fusion?

Evil Lapises?

Steven Cactus?

10 minutes ago

Oui we are in the future and peridot makes my heart stop

14 minutes ago

Everyone: We are in the future!
Fluorite: We.... are.... in.... th... Oh... they...alll.... left... XD

21 minutes ago

Greg: ok Steven this is old shirt try it on lets see it fits
PUT ON Steven
Greg: holy shrimp! My shirt fits on you! You are growing so fast!
Hugs Steven
Steven: dad your your NOT letting me gem breath
Greg: oh

28 minutes ago

Greg universe why did you gave Steven your old shirt in the intro

38 minutes ago

Who Else Saw Spinel On Yellow Diamonds Shoulder In The "Are In The Future" Scene? Just Me? Oh.. Ok

39 minutes ago

This is so anime tho

43 minutes ago

Everyone: Peridot: S T E V E N U N I V E R S E F U T U R E
Everyone: yay spine
Everyone: black shirt Steven
Everyone: Crystal gems: oui
Everyone: literally anything about this intro

1 hour ago

sO heres my theory on the new villains.
Jasper: well, its jasper, she was always evil, but it doesnt make sense. The diamonds stopped attacking, maybe something caused jasper to snap again? or did she betray the diamonds? is it just reminding you of the past?
Green Spikey Boi: Its most likely the watermelon stevens..but that seems too simple, you dont see a watermelon pattern either, and they have spikes. Im predicting its a cactus steven, so that basically Steven planted a cactus and it turned into that.
The Aquamarine: I noticed that (either its an animation error or its supposed to be there) that she has four legs, maybe its a fuse of a aquamarine and ruby? Maybe thats what it would be.
Two Lapis Twins: Maybe they're like lapis and something happened to them where they were mistaken for a crystal gem, and left behind. So maybe they're back for revenge on the diamonds, homeworld, and crystal gems because 1. they were left behind BY the diamonds order, by the army. 2. If the crystal gems never existed they'd be fine.
White Diamond: Now that is definitely white diamond, but why would she be attacking? But I predict that..its a corrupted white diamond, or something like that, since if it was White Diamond herself, she would be white, NOT pink. Now I say its corruption because think back to "Change Your Mind" episode. Near the end White Diamond has a flaw, a pink flaw on her face, and maybe that "flaw" was actually corruption, and she became insane.
Wormy Boi: Its prob steven, i just agree with the theorys.

1 hour ago

Oh boy Steven Universe Future I cant wait

“Gets canceled with one season”


1 hour ago

0:18 Whos kitting next to Sadie?

That better not be her girlfriend or anything, poor Lars

1 hour ago

whaaat two lapis lazuliez

1 hour ago

Peridot is super shock.

2 hours ago

0:11 cacti steven looking monster

2 hours ago

me: im free from steven universe addiction!! now I can
CN: trailer
me: ... i just can't leave the game...can I?

2 hours ago

Honestly Black looks good on Steven

2 hours ago

Show of hands, who subbed to CN only cause of SU.

2 hours ago

Here we are in the future, and it’s bright!

My phone dies


2 hours ago

Steven really feels like the leader of the crystal gems now, I cry

2 hours ago

What if on the first airing it starts with the original intro then starts to intentionally glitch and becomes the new intro. what if it's like: We Are The Crystal- * INTENTIONAL GLITCH * We are in the future

2 hours ago

0:11 this is the most interesting frame of the intro, easily.

Most of the characters are ones we recognize, like Lapis, Jasper, WD, and what appears to be Aquamarine, but then we also have... cactus Stevens? And that massive worm guy in the background seems to be the most important one, as the prior frames draw our attention to him, but I think we haven’t seen him yet, so I’m excited to learn about him.

2 hours ago

White diamond is best girl

2 hours ago

Everyone is talking about Steven Driving and asking "Where's Jasper?" "Is that corrupted Steven?!" I'm more thrilled to see those two new lapis and Spinel again.

2 hours ago

Spinel looks so happy uwu

3 hours ago

I'm so happy to see that she's happy

2 hours ago

que intro mas chinbo que e visto en mi vida

3 hours ago

00:00 Steven and the gems: weeeeee

Me: are the crystal gems

Steven and the Gems: are in the future

Me: :'(

3 hours ago


3 hours ago