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Published: 1 week ago


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i have nothing against gays but this nigga i do

17 seconds ago

this dude looks gayer with glass

2 minutes ago

Bye sister

8 minutes ago

James I’ so so sorry

I luv u

8 minutes ago

Bañate sucio, feo.

9 minutes ago


10 minutes ago

this dude look high asf im deaaaaaadddd
like this comment if this is tru

14 minutes ago

Do not take her back James

14 minutes ago

How does this video have 3.2M dislikes!?!?

16 minutes ago

Hell no

16 minutes ago

Why are the 2 videos SUCH different takes on the subject?

17 minutes ago

This video got the same amount of dislikes as Rebecca Black -Friday song. Womp

18 minutes ago

If you want to hear him talk normally put the playback speed on 2.25

18 minutes ago

Shut up

18 minutes ago


19 minutes ago

stop acting like a female that's not you

19 minutes ago

He did not say “Hi sister”!!!

19 minutes ago

People are hatting on James when he's apologizing and all that isn't that enough just leave him alone like damn ❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️

20 minutes ago

how many people were reading the comment while " watching " this video

me .

20 minutes ago

bad actor!

21 minutes ago

Pls. Be open minded .....
No one's PERFECT!!!

No Hates
Just spread LOVE.

Im a filipino Suporters of JAMES CHARLES♥..I hope he Read this my comment ....♥♥♥♥

25 minutes ago

Dont Bash Him!!!!

27 minutes ago

I love James charles ♥..

28 minutes ago


28 minutes ago

You are the best sister

30 minutes ago

Tried to listened him videos..he explaine about what happened issue ....but a lot of people choose to read hate comment than to heared in the end no body can understand what did he saying.♥.dont be bastard...Dont Hate people ..because NO BODIES PERFECT!!!!

32 minutes ago

The person under me just shitted there self

33 minutes ago

If you actually mean what you've just said, I sincerely hope you have learned. Everyone makes mistakes and if they are are not repeated that"s what matters. 💗

34 minutes ago

srry james feel better

34 minutes ago

My sister said if I get 1k subscribers she will actually get me a puppy. Please guys help I really really have anted a puppy for so long 😭😭

34 minutes ago