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Published: 11 months ago
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WATCH MY LAST VIDEO!! "We made a mistake"

SNAPCHAT: @rylandadams


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It's been a minute! I hope you enjoy today's video :))

11 months ago

Ryland Adams ITS A POT OMG SO STRESSFUL WHEN YOU CALLED IT A PAN btw congrats on your sponsorship even tho this is months later after this was filmed

2 days ago

I really enjoy your baking and cooking videos, please make more

3 days ago

Shane’s reactions are everything 😂

2 weeks ago


3 weeks ago


1 month ago

He’s laugh 😆🙄🤣

2 hours ago

Is shane always drunk or drinks a bunch of slupys

4 hours ago

love how the video is titled luxurious date, but the "date" part was like only 3 and a half minutes😂

5 hours ago

i love andrew and his laugh. ):

6 hours ago

that look good af

7 hours ago

I will take my McDonalds and then I will go home.

7 hours ago

I love andrews laugh

7 hours ago

Shane-look homophobiaic

I cAn’T BreAtH iM wHeEziNg

13 hours ago

it’s a pot

15 hours ago

Just noticed it had a s in boyfriend

17 hours ago

This should be called: Shane being pissed he didn't get sponsored and eating food instead of Rylands dinner

18 hours ago


19 hours ago

First three seconds of the video
Shane: holding a pot oh man
Ryland: OOOHno

20 hours ago

Andrew's laugh makes this 1030284283919 times funnier

23 hours ago

I live for Andrews laugh.

1 day ago

I wish I could just go to Virginia already and be with my current boyfriend Chris Odom, we'd get married and adopt two sons.

1 day ago

OMG love you 😍

1 day ago

3:30 - 3:35 has me DEAD lmao

1 day ago

Andrew's laugh will cure world peace

1 day ago

I’m literally halfway through the video and they haven’t started cooking yet😭💀💀💀 I love it😂

1 day ago

14:58 oh no

1 day ago

I cringed the whole time

1 day ago

Holy shit it's a POT

1 day ago

Come for the entertainment stay for Andrew’s laugh 😆😂

1 day ago

has anyone noticed that the odd1sout has the same birthday as ryland adams? (may 14th [also two days after my birthday])

1 day ago

Why is he looking for a pot in the oven 😂😂😂 I can’t

Jk love ya

1 day ago

Andrew. I’ll lady and tramp with you every day. :). Call me.

1 day ago

“Slurpes” we knew sis 😂

1 day ago

This actually is a good sponsor bc I actually use it I made food for my friends with this like thank u

2 days ago