Daz Watches Furries

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Published: 1 week ago
New sketch: http://youtubesmov.com/mov/815NotX10r2/vid.html?

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My fellow dazzlers who are furries. I support you and these are just jokes. Don’t take it so seriously okay. Its just comedy. You’re all wonderful.

1 week ago

@James a totallynotafurry blu2th_

33 minutes ago

I am a furry so you can ask me and you can ask me questions about the fandom

9 hours ago

Sleepy Monster Toons ew

15 hours ago

I know, some people take it a bit too far, and take it as you hate them for what they like

16 hours ago

I'm a furry, thank you for understanding

18 hours ago

Does it piss anyone else off that he kept saying fairy instead of furry😂

58 minutes ago

There is one In Edinburgh my friend went to one.

1 hour ago

furries are not my cup of tea, but if you’re living your best life being a furry then be a furry

2 hours ago

sees title “This might be the video that ends my subscription (I’m a furry)”
end of video “after what he just said, (that we aren’t sexual creeps and that it’s a lifestyle) I’m staying forever.”

3 hours ago

these ads are so annoying

3 hours ago

I couldn't personally sit through this. I know you're mostly joking but some of the things you are saying are making me feel really upset.

My best friend and I are furries, but we do it because we love making children happy.

It's not a sexual thing. Only about 10% of the community (roughly) are into the sexual side of it. The rest of us are grossed out by the very thought.

My best friend and I went to an event recently in fursuits, and it was an event for disabled people and their families. People loved it!

It's definitely not a sexual thing. I just wanted to let you know that.

4 hours ago

Furries are strange people 😶

4 hours ago

Also, of course there's a sexual side to furries. We are a sexual species in general, after all. Everyone incorporates their interests into their sex lives in some way or another. Star Wars fans use their interest in sexual ways, as do Doctor Who fans, Star Trek fans, anime fans (OVERWHELMINGLY), etc. Honestly I think anime is a LOT more sexualised than the furry fandom. I mean a lot of anime has a lot of weird porn scenes, including but not limited to tentacles, demons with huge dicks, liquid creatures, again with huge dicks, etc. In comparison, we ain't got nothing on the weird and awesome shit that anime shows come up with XD

5 hours ago

Whatever city you're in, there's most likely a furmeet there which happens every month. There is one in almost every city in the UK.

There's also a convention, well, more of a furry vacation coming up later this year, called Furcation.

Look up UK furmeets and check them out. They're mostly just nerd gatherings where we play games, get drunk and just have a laugh. Same with most conventions and caravan holidays (i.e Furcation). Play games, have a dance, get pissed, etc. I'm sure you'll love it.

http://www.furcation.org.uk is the link if you wanna check it out.

5 hours ago

Furries also raise alot of money and help other communities, in 2009 Anthrocon brought 3 million dollars to the Pittsburgh area

5 hours ago

Fursuits are hot AF, people end up having heat strokes in them alot I'd they arent careful

5 hours ago

The furryfandom is getting a lot of hate but the SEXUAL FURRYS ARE CALLED YIFFERS NOW NO ONE BETTER GIVE ANY HATE TO THE FURRYS and the furrycons all have different names the most common con is called anthrocon

6 hours ago

Don’t worry Daz most people have that misconception of furries being sexual. That shits Nasty n most the fandom think that too. Mostly Zoophiles that do the kinky fetish shit yannow? Like Yif is furry porn n that’s pretty nasty Ngl

9 hours ago

Hey I'm a furry and I'm 16 and I'm not sexual and there's alot of ages in the furry fandom so don't be hating all of us don't do sexual things because there's kids in furry fandom

13 hours ago

I have a fursuit

13 hours ago

These shorts 😂😂🤦‍♀️

13 hours ago

When the moms mouth said 🦟 I felt that

13 hours ago

Did he buy that suit just for the skit 😂😂

13 hours ago

I choked on my quesadilla when the turkey head swung around lmao, daz if you see this, you are my inspiration and you always make me laugh!

15 hours ago

Being a furrie can be for a sexual or non-sexual reasons

15 hours ago

Btw that pink dragon you saw is probably a duch Angel dragon

16 hours ago

Me being a furry, I agree with you Daz
The realistic ones are creepy lol
That's why my fursona (The one I want a fursuit of) has almost permantly closed eyes

16 hours ago

I have been in the fandom for about 3 years so I know a bit about it, I am gonna answer all the questions and try to give off a good image for the fandom, and I am gonna purpousfully woosh every joke just because people may have them for laughs but they take it seriously so I am gonna be that boring person who explained (and yes that cat scares me too)

I know no one is gonna read this but I am gonna answer as many questions as I can to see if I can be a help lol

-are they hot? I do not own one, but some do say they are
-anthropomorphic animals, animals with human trates and emotions
-how long do they were it for? It can be a lot of fun for some to wear it, it really depends on the suiter
-I thought furries were a sexual thing, was I wrong? yes, there is a sexual side, but thats not the whole thing

-what breed of animal is that? at 3:53 kinda looks like a dutch angel dragon, its a custom species
-how many cats did she murder to make this suit? 0, this is fake fur 100%

-is that what its called furry con? there are many, such as BLFC or midwest furfest, and so many more
-is there another confuzzled? correct! its yearly
-did she drive in the costume? idk but that is a very dangerous thing to do
-why is the F*cking eye missing? its not, it just looks it because of how the eye was made

the sketch, was pretty funny but seemed very innacturate, the suit is for fun, not a purpous, most dont even have suits, but that turky sona, that got me off guard and I loved that to bits

now this is the last comment, you were almost correct, but really what it is is we are all interested in human like animals, and its just a way to find people like us, and be weird, like my whole life I always felt like I was weird and an outcast, but seeing the costume head, I saw it as "We are all weird here" It kinda taught me to imbrase my weirdness and it improved my life so much, helped me find many things about myself and helped me meet my amazing boyfriend, get into art and more, the sexual side exist, but I was in the fandom for a year and did not notice it, and its pretty tame actually, so thanks for reviewing the fandom with an open mind! we all appriciate that

18 hours ago

The real question is why tf does dad have a giant mouse costume

19 hours ago

He looks like jack black from Goosebumps in his little skit

19 hours ago

Daz @ Confuzzled 2020

19 hours ago

Um..I've taken a break from the internet, for a WEEK....a single WEEK...what the-FUCK is up with the area 51 memes ???? Oml I feel so uncultured now - idk why I'm in dazs' place for answers but yeah 😅

20 hours ago

my parents said i could be anything, so i became a dragon rabbit

21 hours ago

Daz looks so different with glasses on!

22 hours ago

i found this so funny! i a furry myself and has a fursuit i got for 600! im obvi young lol and i dont really like the sexual furys and touchy touchy i just like having a cute floof on my face and ear wiggles!

22 hours ago