Game of Thrones - The Blooper Collection (Season 1-6)

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Published: 1 year ago
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Please watch: "Game of Thrones: S07E04 - Behind The Scenes"


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You mean this was fiction all along? Outrageous!

4 minutes ago

Should make a blooper for season 8 lmao THE WHOLE OF THE SEASON WAS A MASSIVE BLOOPER!!!!

15 minutes ago


2 hours ago

Do one on Season 8! Oh wait... it’s just the season

3 hours ago

Such an original joke. Good one

3 minutes ago

Gu knack uh....FUCK

3 hours ago

Ana gaba boo go f**ck F*ck !

4 hours ago

Satanic Garbage Don’t Wach If You’re Real Christians Believers In Lord Jesus Christ.

5 hours ago

These 5 min were better than whole season 8

7 hours ago

Har har har

2 minutes ago

The first and the last clips were my favourites.

7 hours ago

Peter Dinklage seems like the Robert Downey Jr. of Game of Thrones.

8 hours ago


9 hours ago

4:15 emilia bursting out of laughter is my favorite

10 hours ago

Funny enjoyed it, thank u...🤣🤣🤭🤭🤭

10 hours ago

Cleganes bloopers does not sound like bloopers, since he's swearing all the time in the serie anyway. :D

11 hours ago


11 hours ago


13 hours ago

Wwwwhat the fuck is this shitxdddssss

13 hours ago

1:40 aww what a great, contagious laugh Brienne <3

14 hours ago

That woodsmen made me laugh so hard!!!😂🤣

15 hours ago

4:38 Tyrion's tone changed a bit when the torch almost torched Oberyn's face. 😂😂😂

19 hours ago

What song is Jamie humming

19 hours ago

Now the show iz done dont mind watching this

20 hours ago

Tyrion and Jamie ... made the best entrance into court in the eternal history of all court sessions! XD

21 hours ago

who else is watching after the finale T^T

21 hours ago

they seem less glamorous now and quite retarded

22 hours ago

Charles Dance bloopers are by far the best. Dont think there was a single part in all his years with the show where he smiled.

22 hours ago

Epic hilarious 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

1 day ago

2:19 casi muero de risaaaaa jajsjajsajs

1 day ago

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1 day ago

I think Game of Thrones is the BEST movie Series EVER !!! Of ALL TIME !!! I'm glad they all were able to have so much fun filming...Tyrian is my FAVORITE, and daneary

1 day ago