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Published: 2 weeks ago
Is there any way to make Pop-Tarts better? We think so. Join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet strawberry Pop-Tarts.

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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pop-Tarts | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


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Pop-Tarts are gross 😯

2 minutes ago

I want to go to culinary school and work for you. Seems fun and stress ful and awesome and upsetting, but interesting.

37 minutes ago

so sad s'mores pop tarts werent in the running! by far my favorite

50 minutes ago

claire is so happy and excited in this and it makes me go 💗💚💞💗🧡💕💗💓💖💕💚💛💖

1 hour ago

She should make the Cadberry Cream eggs

2 hours ago

I'm not American. The first and only time I tried a pop-tart I was very dissapointed. I expected more, like what I imagine Claire's version taste. I think is a thing to eat when you're craving a bit sweet pastry??? Idk...

2 hours ago

Why is Amiel someone's weird dad from the 80's?

3 hours ago

7:40 Levis :)

4 hours ago

Please make a gourmet Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich.

6 hours ago

I love Brad... Like perfect emotional support, it's disgusting but it's perfect!

7 hours ago

what if you make french fries

7 hours ago

OMG the little secret scene at the end. So cute!

12 hours ago

Well done Claire they look amazing

13 hours ago

question: whats the point of reading the ingredients? shes clearly not having fun, i dont see how this might add any value to anyone, but since they keep doing it, seems it must have some advantage to someone. so can anyone explain? please?

15 hours ago

Wait what happened to cinnamon ones... feel like those were more popular than strawberry

16 hours ago

Claire: Because, Chris is my favorite.

Whole audience: Agreed.

20 hours ago

It’s gourmet junk food! Not just homemade junk food!! It’s Supposed to be better. I don’t like it when the other people tell Claire she needs to do a worse job on something cuz it’s too high quality n not true enough to the original. Part of the point is to change things about the food that currently sucks n make em fancy

20 hours ago

it would be a pain, but definitely doable at home

21 hours ago

How much does this recipe make ?

21 hours ago

Omg did anyone else freak out at seeing JT??

22 hours ago

can someone please finally make a compilation of claire saying the word 'strawberry'

23 hours ago

It would be great if all the boxes of food they use for the beginning of these videos gets donated to a food drive.

23 hours ago

The 'how it's made' pop tart video said starch is how the get icing to stay hard after heating the pop tart.

1 day ago

I have never wanted to try a gourmet makes snack more than this one!

1 day ago

I'm gonna keep hoping for Girl Scout Cookies 🤞

1 day ago

Don't even mention the word tempering to Claire

1 day ago

Strawberry and Smores are the best flavors, hands down.

1 day ago

*that moment when you've been a vegetarian for 2 years and then you find out pop tarts have gelatin in them :(

1 day ago

Jordan Marriott why can’t vegetarians eat gelatin

9 hours ago

They didn’t even have my favorite kind of pop tart:
Brown sugar cinnamon

1 day ago

Can i just say, Claire has the best earrings

1 day ago