2019 Prophecy - Year 5779, The Year Of The Spirit

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Published: 1991 days
This video is a direct word from the Lord as received by Bishop Dr. Ezimah Oden at about after 12 am on the 14th day of August 2018. It is a prophecy of what year 2019 (year 5779) holds for the world.

Year 2019 is a good year, with mighty harvests. Is a year to draw closer to the Lord and be sensitive in the spirit, for there shall be great shaking, wind and fire across nations. Expect the Lord's glory to rest upon nations afterwards.

Much prayer is required for USA and Canada.

But you children of God rejoice exceedingly and glorify the name of the Lord for He is coming to you with mercy and divine help, says the Lord. Amen!


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