Film Theory: The Rat That Beat Thanos! (Marvel Endgame)

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Published: 6 days ago
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There are TONS of characters that show up in Marvel's Avengers Endgame. Most of them get at least one moment to remind the audience of why they are an awesome superhero and that we should be happy they are alive again. Now, the MVP of the episode is pretty obvious, but I want to talk about the one, tiny hero you probably missed. The rat. Which rat? Why the rat that brought back Ant-Man and made it possible for the Avengers to save the world. What are the odds? Well, you're about to find out!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, BanditRants, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



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To everyone asking whether I calculated the rats repopulating, I did and just cut it before the final draft because it got too pedantic and lost in it's own numbers. Also, we wind back up at 50 rats anyway. Here's what got cut in case you were curious:

"That means that at the beginning of five years, we're dealing with 50-ish rats in Scott Lang's area, which would replenish to their population carrying capacity in the course of just a few generations. Given that rat food supplies might be lower now that there are only half the people on the world, let's assume that they don’t get back to the full 100 rat population in Scott's immediate area, but that they make a good 50% surge back up to 75 rats roving all over Scott. Realistically it's almost impossible to know for our specific area exactly how many rats would be here, but we're making our best assumption right now and I'm trying to at least give Scott a fighting chance.

So over the course of the six months after the Great Snap, rats would have pretty much bounced back, given that a new generation of rat babies is ready to go every six weeks. To get our final number, we’ll assume that an average-sized rat community would have at most around 50 rats out searching for food at any given time, since about a third of them are statistically in the nest at a given time."

6 days ago

We need you! Make a theory about the last season of game of thrones pls we beg you. Explain why it was so bad made, I knew she was going to die few years ago but they made so bad. pls i beg you

7 hours ago

Can't you do more Rick and Morty theory about season 3 and 4

7 hours ago

The Film Theorists you should do a film theory on who would win in a battle between hulk and Thor

10 hours ago

The Film Theorists I hope u make a theory
Around Wanda u barley ever even mention her

12 hours ago

What about the half of ALL life wiped out

13 hours ago

Hey Matpat, I don't know if you'll see this but, I was watching some older videos, and I stumbled upon the Is Dory FAKING? video, and the way you described Retrograde Amnesia reminded me of a book series you'll really want to read/listen to with Audible. The name of the series is called The Maze Runner. Basic plot, people get sent into a maze and are forced to survive, the catch is they have no recollection of their past, I'm just going to use the same reference you used, imagine Jason Bourne. They can remember, for example, how to grow crops or how to take care of chickens, but they can't remember who TAUGHT them how to do it. They can read, write, build, do complex multiplication, tell the time of day just from the shadows on the wall, you know, everyday things. I actually got a box set of the series for Christmas, and it was my favorite gift of all of them. If you want to know the name of the books in order they are, The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, The Kill Order, and (the last two recently got squished together into one) The Fever Code. If you don't enjoy the books, which I really doubt that you won't enjoy them, then you'll at least get a TON of theories out of them. Also, I would recommend reading all the books before making theories as they answer a lot of long standing questions, and there are so many twists I love it.

4 minutes ago

These books trump Harry Potter any day of the week to me.

3 minutes ago

"Ranting guy that loves the sound of his own voice has a youtube channel" is about all I took from this.

7 minutes ago

This was a big issue for me. But amazingly it wouldnt matter.

27 minutes ago


37 minutes ago

I think most folks are also brushing over the fact that ALL of Scott's belongings were put into storage, not just the van. This means that everything was intentionally gathered up, not just repo-d. I believe that his daughter was the one to have everything stored because she couldn't come to terms with her father's presumed death, and instead of selling or trashing everything, she had it saved. Otherwise that van would have sat out on top of a parking garage, drastically reducing the chance that a rat would have ventured into the open air and eventually into the van.

53 minutes ago


54 minutes ago

Surely this just follows the birthday paradox and is extremely likely

1 hour ago

Colony would easily be back up to 100 well before 5 years. Especially with less predators around.

2 hours ago

Forget ANT-Man, Scott Lang is RAT-Man!

2 hours ago

Cmon, we all know that the rat was, in fact, Mickey Mouse, who was protecting his multi-million dollar IP.

2 hours ago

Hey Matpat can you tell me how did captain america get old and how did professor hulk became?

3 hours ago

Thanos: I have won and no one can beat me
Rat: Hold my cheese

3 hours ago

They said all sentient life not all living things, trees didn’t start dusting away oh wait yeeeeaaahhh,

3 hours ago

I know you won't see this but
Please do a Hetalia theory pleaaaase!

3 hours ago

Everybody gangsta until rats came in

3 hours ago

I hope that Pat does it
chapter 2

3 hours ago


4 hours ago

I like to think the Rat was the reincarnation of someone Thanos killed, who do we think it was? Loki, Gamora, Collector?

4 hours ago

Jotaro Kujo: Oh shit, here we go again

4 hours ago

Will you do a Star vs the forces of evil theory now that the show has finished?
That would be nice

5 hours ago

damn Tony is death because of a rat!

5 hours ago

Umm... every time when the mouse happened to not have pressed that button split to an alternate universe... and technically speaking there are endless numbers of alternate universes... so... in this case, I think probability probably doesn’t mean anything... sorry.

5 hours ago

Do the Thanks created rocket raccoon theory

7 hours ago

Bri Larson now a black captain America .... mine as well make an Asain captain America next or perhaps Mexican

8 hours ago

So I'm not the only one that thought about the chance that a rat saved the universe

8 hours ago

I bet there's nothing you can't rant about.

Mat Pat: Hold my diet coke.

Thor: Apologies but my hands are full.

Everyone keeps asking me to hold their beers....

Drinks them all

8 hours ago

Hello Film Theory, could you please do a video trying to figure out what Mimikyu is?

9 hours ago

Did not finish. Too much math. Too much rat. Not enough interesting.

9 hours ago

That rat is master splinter

9 hours ago