Eating At The Worst Reviewed Pizza Restaurant In New York City (1 STAR)

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Published: 1 month ago
You've seen us eat the worst pizza in the West Coast, well we flew across the country to try out rivals WORST pizza and this is what we got....
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If you like pizza you’ll wanna see my last vid!!!!! $200 dollar pizza

1 month ago

did u like it own comment?

1 month ago

Kenzie Cepparo Fron the window the pizza didn’t look that great and even when you Went inside I was disgusted I went too NYC for my birthday so I went there and its so nasty

1 month ago

That is not NY pizza seriously just because it was made here don't mean it's from here

1 month ago

I’m gonna say it, it’s because they’re middle eastern. They don’t know what pizza is.

9 minutes ago

This is why we build walls

17 minutes ago

my good , imagine ur cook touching ur food .
im gonna start my own cult of eating nontouched food only

1 hour ago

Mah, just up and eat da pizza dude

2 hours ago


3 hours ago

No such thing as bad pizza

3 hours ago

The Best pizza is in Antarctica

4 hours ago

Muslims serving pizza. What a joke.

6 hours ago

You should all watch PhillipSolo that dude is 100x more genuine than this dude

7 hours ago

As a new Yorker we don't claim this as a new York pizza

8 hours ago

WTF? That restroom suggests it (the business) should be shutdown.

10 hours ago

This isn’t a pizzeria but a kebab shop that decided to sell pizza out of nowhere

11 hours ago

Yeah many kabab places start selling pizza but usually it's pretty decent

11 hours ago

Reheating pizza should be a crime

11 hours ago

The fuck is this....girl's reviews?...

12 hours ago

I literally had 4 commercials watching this. Holy shit

13 hours ago

How much is it proceeds to rub fingers like mister crabs, god that made me cringe

13 hours ago

That is a Muslim pizza place

13 hours ago

It’s ok to barehand contact food as long as it gets cooked afterwards. But the cooked pizza being touch without gloves is not acceptable

15 hours ago

you guys are so sensitive and exaggerating a lot. here in our coun try even if the pizza touches the floor we still eat it cause our elders taught us not to waste food.

16 hours ago

Jersey does have the best pizza dough lol 😂👌💯

16 hours ago

Alright guys, here's the scoop!
Oh wait... this isn't PhillipSolo

17 hours ago

Imagine Gordon Ramsay Going in there

19 hours ago

Hahahaha but the food looks lit judging from the variety at the counter 😂😂

20 hours ago

Shot every time they say dIsGuStiNG.

21 hours ago

i feel like you are a little bit overeacting for the youtube video.

1 day ago

En Argentina decimos: "¡ESTAN AL PEDO!"

1 day ago

What do you expect from a place run by arabics

1 day ago

What did u expect buy pizza from Muslims honestly

1 day ago

Then gtfo ny

1 day ago