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Published: 3 years ago
Best Orchestra joke, a trombonists from Egypt and Spain. Watch till the end.
1st trombone: Mohamed Aly.
2nd trombone: Juanjo Penas.
Bass trombone: Jose Antonio.
Tuba: Jorge Viana.
Conductor: Gianluca Marcianò
#egypt #spain #lebanon #italy #orchestra #trombone #funny #johnwilliams #romeoandjuliet.


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i love star trek

1 hour ago

wAiT fOr iT!

3 hours ago

These guys only learned there instruments to do this joke I swear

5 hours ago

i knew it. i was wondering when it would come 😂

5 hours ago

what is the real song title? not the star wars theme one 😂😂

6 hours ago

What’s the real song?

7 hours ago

Who records in vertical that is a real sin

9 hours ago

Damn, felt it, this and Megalovania

10 hours ago

dont forget about the tuba! (i play flute btw)

11 hours ago

I need to do this with my trombone when Im in band class.

13 hours ago

Bunch o nerds


14 hours ago

As a trombone player I can say we are all like this 😭😭😂

16 hours ago

There's no chance stopping the trombone players, they have the high ground.

18 hours ago

If I were to do this I swear nobody would even hear me cuz I play clarinet 😂

19 hours ago

That’s epic

21 hours ago

What's the pice u played befor calld?

21 hours ago

conductor: "lol that was good and now we have to start over.."

21 hours ago

When you and the band perform live, but order 66 happens

22 hours ago

What was the original song they were playing

22 hours ago


23 hours ago


1 day ago

what piece is thisss

1 day ago

🎷😮 what a rhythm 👏😂

1 day ago

1:17 is when it starts.

1 day ago

This is the band I'm looking for..

1 day ago

I'm a saxophone. and can say ochisra is not my cup of tea

1 day ago

what's going there mister need to fix that trombone I see well you cpuld have paid about 500 buck earlier and this would never happend

1 day ago

That was dumb and not funny

1 day ago

Star Wars

1 day ago

Lol wtf

1 day ago