Spelling Bee-Kini Wax #3 w/ Courtney, Matt, and Tommy

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Published: 1 week ago
The Spelling Bee-Kini Wax returns with Courtney, Matt Raub, and Tommy Bowe! It’s officially October, so these words are gonna be spooky AF. Let’s hope they can spell them right, or else they’re losing hair… down there!

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CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: if this video gets 100k likes Sarah will be a speller on a future episode! Share with everyone so we can turn the tables! 🐝

1 week ago

garet too

23 hours ago

We're so close!!!

1 day ago

So close

1 day ago

Yes please.

1 day ago

Courtney should host

4 days ago

21:20 Who else actually wants to see this happen

23 minutes ago

Someone should've played the Reverse Uno Card

3 hours ago

why did Rachel look like Jay Weinberg from slipknot?

7 hours ago

awww we need tommy in more vids

7 hours ago

Soon they’ll run out of people willing to do this 😂

8 hours ago

Lol Courtney again 😂

8 hours ago

Put sarah on hahahaha

12 hours ago

5:24, she left him hanging, awkward. 🤣

13 hours ago

Can I volunteer to be on an episode please just need to get me there and home

17 hours ago

rhett and link should be on this show!

18 hours ago

they shouldve done the the fear of long words :
which is coincidentally
a long word

19 hours ago

96K likes & the video hasnt even been out 2 weeks

I think we know whose coming on the next episode

19 hours ago

Jacksfilms, Phil DeFranco, and Ian on the next episode

20 hours ago

96 K likes... I WANT SARA ON THIS!

21 hours ago

The best thing is see Rachel turning around because she knew that Courtney was wrong hahahahaahaha

22 hours ago

You should've made Matt Raub spell hippipottomonstrousesiquippedaliophobia. 😂

23 hours ago

I have scoleciphobia. It's the fear of worms. I hope I spelled scoleciphobia right

1 day ago

Courtney freaking Miller by shayne

1 day ago

Try guys?

1 day ago

Guys, only 5k more likes for sarah to get waxed

1 day ago

That multihit wax strip combo.

1 day ago

get the try guys on here
host: Zac and Keith
contestants: Eugene, Ned, Shayne and Damien
sentencer: Sarah

1 day ago

Host: Sarah, as always

Contestants: Shayne, Monica, and Keith

Sentencer: Noah

1 day ago

I suggest pewds

2 days ago

We want sara to be in the show😂

2 days ago

What's up with Olivia's hair????

2 days ago

i think sarah sould get waxed

2 days ago

Is there a Sadist Cam?

2 days ago

I was really hoping Matt Raubs last word would be the fear of long words, hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

2 days ago