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Published: 1413 days
WE WENT EXPLORING AND FOUD AN ALLIEN CAVE ON THE BEACH! CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME VLOG! This Video is Sponsored by Netmarble. Pre-Register now for Lineage 2: Revolution (http://l2.netmarble.com/en)

Today Stephen Sharer and his brother Carter Sharer went to the beach to explore some hidden caves. This was their second day in California and their first time at the beach. The beach was amazing with huge cliffs and steep stairs. When Stephen and Carter got to the beach they started to look around for some abandoned caves. They found this huge rock with a bench at the top so they climbed up the giant rock. They could see the whole beach from here and they spotted a cave in the distance. So they climbed down the rock and ran over to the cave. This cave was partially underwater so they had to wait for the waves to roll out. They ducked under and climbed into the small opening of the cave. Once inside they saw that the cave was much bigger then expected. The caved had multiple rooms. Carter then noticed these creatures on the wall of the cave. They looked at them up close and they looked like mini claws. These claw creatures were really creepy looking. Stephen then realized the walls of the cave were purple yellow and green. Stephen then climbed into a deep crevice of the cave to explore what was in there. All of a sudden something started to move and Stephen came running out. Stephen said he saw a creature moving deep in the crevice. Carter started to explore other parts of the cave and found other sections that was extremely purple. He then looked up and found what looked to be purple blood dripping form the ceiling of the cave. This must be the source of all the purple coloring on the cave walls. Carter and Stephen believed they were getting too close to the alien creatures that lived in this cave. So they ran out of the cave and back to the beach. Todays vlog was super scary. Comment #Alien if you think there was an alien in the cave.


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