Summer Pool Party - Breyer Horses Stablemates Mares Stallions Foals Horse Water Play Video

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Published: 1928 days
Breyer Stablemates are getting together for a summer pool party! All the stallions, mares and foals can cool off in the water... oh no is that a Mini Whinnies horse to crash the party? Enjoy this play video!

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New Breyerfest 2015 Stablemates for single day ticket holders. Meringue, Crepe Suzette, Crème Brulee, and Éclair are glossy models to pick from.

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2015 Breyer order is here! Which horses are inside the box package? Find out :D

Here are the NEW Breyerfest 2015 exclusive models so far: Simba du Pont de Tournay- 2015 Celebration Horse, C'est La Vie Sunday Raffle Model, Oration Store Specials, and C'est Bon - 2015 BreyerFest Early Bird Raffle Prize.
Meet Sara Moniet and Smokin Doubledutch too!

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New 2015 Breyer horses releases for the new year. Enjoy new stablemates Painting surprise blind bags, traditional like Autism Benefit Horse, Glitterati, Polo Pony and rider, Smokin Doubledutch, Don't Look Twice, Picasso, classics like Butterfly Kisses, Arabian family and so much more!

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