Bronze Lost wax casting process PART 4 of 4

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Published: 2163 days
Sorry for the delay releasing the finale. I have been waiting for the owner of the dogs and light switch cover to see them first. The video of Jeff in Canada unboxing these is found here ...........

Lost wax bronze casting can be done at home with excellent results. What is missing from these short 4 videos is the long hours of chasing wax, tig welding small defects and chasing the bronze. I have also decided not to show the patina process to save some time. Hope you have enjoyed taking this long journey with me!

Thanks for your patience as I learned shotcut and thanks for watching!

Part 1 - Silicone molding three different patterns
Part 2 - Wax pouring, chasing and sprue work for ceramic shell
Part 3 - Ceramic shell process, DEWAX
Part 4 - Bronze pour

If you'd like to learn more about the burner used here, check out Davids channel.


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