Jon Stewart Returns to Shame Congress: The Daily Show

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Published: 3 years ago
Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart shares his attempts to interview senators about the renewal of the Zadroga Act, which provides health care to 9/11 first responders.

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It's a pity Jon has ever left the show. Trevor is a talented man, but he was sucked in by the liberal swamp in the US and became the mouthpiece for anti-Trump hysteria... So needlessly and one-sidedly.

2 hours ago

Why did they let some homeless guy on set

3 hours ago

Thank you jon for helping those that need this...i loved this. You should do more of this government shaming stuff. Its great.

4 hours ago

"Papa?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

5 hours ago

You damn right mr Stewart deserved that standing ovation!

5 hours ago

But I thought Republicans were Patriots?

6 hours ago

Iguanas are king why clap for that

7 hours ago

I know our government doesn't work efficiently but what the hell

9 hours ago

@Jon Stewart....Try fasting till death Hunger strike("Aamaran Anshan" no food no water)..Its powerful to bend the most with power of the people.

10 hours ago

👏👏👏👏Jon Stewart🇺🇸Mitch is a good man also.

11 hours ago

It's good to know that the show is still at Jon's disposal if he needs to bring attention to any matter.

13 hours ago

Shame on them. Where were they when these brave men were trying to save others.

15 hours ago

Bastards,my best friend since the 2nd grade was there 11 days at least and haven't heard from him since Sept.12 I called him when he was digging day 2.

15 hours ago


15 hours ago

Don't police and firefighters who get hurt on the job get disability insurance and retirement benefits for life when they get hurt on the job from their unions or city or state regardless of this bill?

17 hours ago

Get em Jonny!! Shame shame shame

17 hours ago

Every once in a while this video will pop up in my recommended feed, and every time I watch it again just to see folks like Ray Pfeifer alive again.

17 hours ago

Cheers 2 U , Jon Stewart ,

18 hours ago

I did , I came here after i couldn't leave my remarks, BRAVO , SLAPP THEM IN THE FACE

18 hours ago

Congress is a piece of shit. Fuck them.

18 hours ago

John Stewart- American Liberal
Trevor Noah- NPC sloth

19 hours ago

What makes me mad every person in the government can remember where they were the moment they found out about 9-11 like the rest of us 7 years or older then. I was in highschool watching in horror as people were jumping to there deaths instead of burning and can remember everyone in the area covered in debris from the towers falling.

19 hours ago

Jon, than you for exposing the Do Nothing Congress...but they want a pay increase..what a joke!

19 hours ago

Congress needs to get off the trump take down, and start doing what’s right! These people have waited patiently!

19 hours ago

Thank you Jon.

21 hours ago

Things have gotten much MUCH worst since this video aired . Everyone wants to blame the Idiot in the White House for America's woes BUT McConnell is the sole reason Trump gets away with his Bulls**t . The other enablers are powerless without McConnell . He , McConnell , needs to go , ASAP !

21 hours ago

Too bad Leibowitz will never explain hew did 9/11 in the first place.

21 hours ago

Leibowitz done a good thing.

21 hours ago

poppa? I started watching before the 2000 election and watched all the way through his last show, somewhere I have dvd's full of burned episodes cause I was a child and liked to pirate things

21 hours ago

Fk his fake Joo ass, he is a staunch supporter of the genocide being committed against unarmed women and children in Palestine including Palestinian Christians. Double fk him and his cousins in that stolen land. How bout he mentions how his fake Joo cousins ran over that little white American girl with a bulldozer as she was blocking them from flattening another Palestinians home

22 hours ago