Citra 3DS Emulator CPU JIT Build: Full Speed (60fps) + Pokémon (Installation Guide)

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Published: 2407 days
Citra 3DS Emulator Ultimate CPU JIT Build: Full Speed (60fps) + runs Pokémon games (Installation Guide)

! Updated Citra Installation Guide:

Citra Hacked Thunder Build: 1080p HD - No Outlines - High Speed:

Fastest Unofficial Citra CPU JIT gdmk Build (Dec 1):

Latest unofficial Citra CPU JIT Build download links:

Build date: Dec 1 -

Build date: Sept 24 - (citra-qt-gcc-jit-sse3-15-no-gs-refactor)

Build date: Sept 8 -

Build date: Sept 3 - (Version in this video)

(Credits go to gdmk for making these builds)

(Pokemon X & Y and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby)

Official Citra download link:

How to Play Pokemon Sun & Moon on PC (Crash Fixes + High Fps) (Citra 3DS Emulator):

Fastest Citra Builds to Play Pokemon Sun & Moon:

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How to Create/Edit Any Pokémon in Sun & Moon (PKHeX Gen 7):

How to Outline Patch Pokemon Sun & Moon Rom:

No Outlines in Pokemon Sun & Moon with Cheat in Citra:

How to Create and Install a Custom Pokémon Save File in Citra Emulator (Create every pokémon and edit his stats, moves, shiny, etc):

How to Delete a Pokémon Save File and Start a New Game in Citra Emulator:

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Pre-Order Pokemon Moon for 3DS:

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Cemu - Wii U emulator:
Nds4ios - NDS emulator on iOS:
Citra - 3DS emulator:

Computer specs:
CPU: i7 3630QM @ 2.40GHz
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 630M

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Hacked Thunder:


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