Son Lux - "Lost It To Trying (Mouths Only Lying)"

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Published: 3503 days
From the album 'Alternate Worlds' out on March 4, 2014 on Joyful Noise Recordings

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Written, Performed & Recorded by Son Lux / Ryan Lott
Ryan Lott Music (ASCAP) administered by Domino Publishing Company USA (ASCAP)

Vocals - Lily & Madeleine / Baritone Saxophones - Jack Bashkow, Steven Temme
Tenor, Alto Saxophones - Steven Temme / Flutes, Piccolo - Alex Sopp

Additional Engineering - DJ2 Kyriakides, David Lai, Paul Mahern, Tomek Miernowski, Alex Overington
Design by David J. Woodruff, based on "Lanterns" art by Anthony Ciannamea & Ryan Sievert
C+P 2014 Joyful Noise Recordings + Son Lux | SONLUXMUSIC.COM


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