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Published: 2224 days
Justin's proposal was more than I ever dreamed of. It was perfect. He is perfect for me. I cannot wait to marry him!
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I wasn't looking for love or even a relationship. Focused on my career—and casually dating a lot—there was plenty of time for that…later. Then I opened up Tinder and swiped right on the man I had no idea would be the love of my life.

After my typical lack of attention to texts—and Justin's patient persistence—we had our first meeting and first date in the BYU Museum of Art (for 30 minutes between classes and a performance) on February 3, 2017. Finding the time for two very busy people to pursue a relationship was tricky, but I surprised even myself by falling in love with him. On March 17, 2017, I asked him if he would re-ask me to be his girlfriend. He did and I said yes!

The more time we spent together, the more I knew him, the more I loved him. There is no one I'd rather spend time with. We smile and laugh, even when we kiss.

Although I had never spent much time thinking or planning out wedding details, as it seemed more and more likely, there were a few things that I really wanted in my eventual proposal:

(1) I wanted it to be epic and memorable.
(2) I wanted to be dressed nicely.
(3) I wanted it to be filmed.
(4) I wanted it to a surprise without being a surprise. (Meaning that once we were both on the same page about getting married, I wanted the actual proposal to be a surprise.)

In hindsight I realize that accommodating all four of these things—particularly the element of surprise—required an enormous amount of planning. But Justin decided that he would propose to me on August 3, 2017, exactly six months after our first date. And he was ready to do anything to have all the elements I had hoped for. He also include a requirement of his own: he didn’t want me to know it was a proposal until he actually went down on his knee to ask me to be his wife.

Because I model part time, he arranged to have me booked for a photo/videography shoot with two of my favorite professionals for a special couple project (complete with a fake website: forkeepsproject.com). Then *I* asked *him* to join me in the project!

There were so many details perfectly executed. I bought a new dress for myself and a coordinated shirt for Justin, my makeup was polished, I had my hair done by a great HMU (Sarah Lewis), we were wearing mic packs to project our interview footage, we had mood music playing in the background. We arrived at the location Justin had chosen—Buffalo Peak—with precisely enough time to walk in, get direction, and have Justin's selected playlist play through and finish just barely after the sunrise hit the exact spot we were standing in.

With Luke Porter filming and Rebecca Hoffman photographing, we talked and laughed and kissed and danced through the first two favorite songs: "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran and "Everything Has Changed" by Taylor Swift. Then our song, "Perfect for Me" by Ron Pope, began to play. Justin sang it to me while we slow danced. It was incredibly beautiful and emotional. I was sure the footage was wonderful and we were being perfect models for the project!

Just as the song ended, Justin stepped back, knelt down on one need, and asked me to be his wife. I have never been hit with such a wave of emotion in my entire life. It was the most precious moment I've ever experienced.

It was the best day of my life! And his. Let eternity begin!

Many thanks to Luke Porter for his incredible skill and attention to detail. This means the world to us!

Videography: Luke Porter Films

Music: Perfect for Me by Ron Pope


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