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Published: 1 year ago
The 2018 season is here. Take the first step and begin your climb.

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2017 and Beyond | Riot Pls

Honor in 2018

The 2018 season starts soon


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You did it Lucian, now I can start playing you now you've got your girl back!

2 hours ago

I like this melody. Same as in the Season anticipation. Please make more variations of it, just like with the Worlds theme (2015 version / 2019 version)

3 hours ago

Still climbing for Senna...

4 hours ago


7 hours ago

hace más de un año tenían planeado sacar a Senna

8 hours ago

Imagine frome here, lucian still fight for senna and for their goals... True love never fall...

10 hours ago

Fun fact: They had also animated Illaoi but she didn;t make the final cut because of some technical problems and so we only see her tentacles.

11 hours ago

When Senna was practically teased in 2018

20 hours ago

Well, now we know that all this trailer is actually cannon lol

21 hours ago

i still don't know what are thos blue lightnings that go after taliyah

23 hours ago

the end of the video is the start of senna's video

1 day ago

If riot would start making movies from his characters with a good script, it would really be awesome :)

1 day ago

Literally teased us the new lucian cinematic 1 year before

1 day ago

Lucian uses ult to clear minion wave then loses 1v1 to thresh... reported

1 day ago

He used it as a bait because the supp was near

1 day ago

Finally we getblitzcrank on a cinematic

1 day ago

Now I know why Lucian didn't use his ult while fighting Thresh
He used it during The Climb

1 day ago

Me too

1 day ago

So the final part of this video with Lucian and Thresh is actually the start of the fight between them in the Senna trailer... Lucian was landing after that jump, i see you Riot, i see you.

1 day ago

This cinematic takes place right after “The Climb” ends, with Lucian in the air shooting at thresh. Even the scenery is the exact same as that video with the stairs and pillars. It’s amazing how far ahead riot plans. I wonder what else is hidden within their cinematics

1 day ago

1 day ago

reio nerf tresh

-100% wifesteal

1 day ago

Shadow Passage -> The Climb -> Senna trailer...gotta love riot

1 day ago

세나 영상 보고 다시옴

1 day ago

I wonder if they planned to make Senna a league champion all along...

1 day ago

Miss Fortune 😍☺️💕

1 day ago

I like how they made Senna's release a three part;

1. The teaser with Lucian on the boat.

2. The climb.

3. With her reveal trailer.

It's an awesome story to watch

1 day ago

Anyone post-senna?

1 day ago

Lucian vs Thresh and he saved senna, can't wait for Miss Fortune vs Illaoi ;)

1 day ago

yasuo, most ez broken champ. Nice

1 day ago

For the right order first see this and then Senna: Shadow's Embrace

1 day ago

watch the dark passage and come back to this video😂

1 day ago