Everything Wrong With Shazam! in 17 Minutes or Less

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Published: 2 weeks ago
Shazam is a pretty awesome movie. Certainly one of the best DCEU films yet. Great casting, good pacing, humor and action... what's not to like?

But it still has sins, like all movies. So... here they are.

Thursday: animated sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Discount Stanley Tucci? Dude that's white Morpheus

1 hour ago

😆 Twitter, so true

2 hours ago

Cinema Sins shading the director is legit the funniest thing ever. I was sure he saw the video when he pointed out the CG bags but the coat rack and super speed comment KILLED ME

3 hours ago

I missed my DC Comics: ding

7 hours ago

This movie could have been so much better, it was so cheesy, predictable and all round copying every other film ever

8 hours ago

You missed the car crash fail when the truck hits them...
They clearly slide to the edge of the road no way the truck could of ever hit them from that position on the driver side.

9 hours ago

I went from watching the movie to watching the CinemaSins on it. One right after the other.

9 hours ago

How dare you bash the cta. I’ve taken your LA public transit and it was severely lacking. So stfu.

20 hours ago

Obviously CinemaSins has never been to Philadelphia 😂😂

21 hours ago

"did Lust and Pride really take a f*ckton of people out?" Great now I'm imagining this movie's Lust trapping people in orgies till they die

21 hours ago

Seeing as they couldn't call him Captain Marvel, I think it's a nice dig they called him 'Zaptain America'

22 hours ago

Wow Cinema Sins actually enjoyed this garbage movie

1 day ago

Lol the mad repeater

1 day ago

What was with the fail counter?

1 day ago

Now... Where is the sin: "wait... If Mortal Kombat is in the DCEU, then the INJUSTICE video game series should have existed! We don't just get appearances of DC characters on a real game set in the DC universe. What if Lobo or Starfire weren't even known by that timeline? Where the hell do they get them and from who?!"
Jeez guys... Can't you see who would be great at Cinema Sins?

1 day ago

Absolutely NOTHING is wrong with this movie, that's what's wrong with it. :P

1 day ago

9:33 "I'm so sorry I'm late, I got held up at the .... business office, doing all the work stuff." Lmao. I might actually watch this movie now.

1 day ago

It is a Harry Potter rip off movie, JEREMY + Fail counter broken again

1 day ago

what about the 7 champions for 7 wizards to fight the 7 sins and only 6 siblings when he breaks the staff

1 day ago

No sin/removed sin for the Santa???

1 day ago

Louis Tomilson im ded

1 day ago

Did CS say shazam as he's name? And not captain marvel?

2 days ago

Shazam:Hold the staff and say my name
Me:what is your name you old man we've just started to talk
Shazam :Say it already it's Shazam
Me:Jeez old man I'll do it just please let me go in haven't even had food yet if I stay here I'll probably eat small tiny boulders OK I'm ready .
Me:SHAZAM holy guacamole !!!
Me:I'm still me wow such a good prank
Shazam:I'll just go on my throne and just regret all the compliments I told myself
Me: OK how will I get home
Shazam:find a brain

2 days ago

The rules of the fourth wall is that all movie franchises exist in each movie franchise, as a movie franchise. In the MCU, there are star wars movies etc.

2 days ago

At 3:07 the headphones the kid is wearing are the same ones I have, the microphone is off, that is what the read light means

2 days ago

Omg. The willy wonka scene was fantastic

2 days ago

I sauntered into my house wearing my coat growing up, as we didnt have a coat rack

2 days ago

Ya know, i think while the film was HORRID, the villain played sinestro quite well.
It's a shame, he was perfectly cast as a villain in a shit film with no future, and then cast as a villain i find to be lame in a shockingly rare good live action dc film

2 days ago

Ryan Reynolds green lantern and dead pool 🏊‍♀️....(-0-)

2 days ago

The museum steps are actually pretty dead after it closes.

2 days ago