Everything Wrong With Ride Along In 13 Minutes Or Less

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Published: 5 days ago
Man, this movie is not good. And they made another one! I guess if you like lazy comedy and lazy situational conflict... maybe. But Ride Along has sins out the ass, and we listed them, because we do our job, dammit.

Next week: Recent live-action BS and not-quite-so-recent weird drama about pills.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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actually backing into a spot like that is very easy. its called pull ups

3 hours ago

Do everything wrong with Good Burger

5 hours ago

I just felt tired watching this endless bullshit.

9 hours ago

Tika Sumpter tho 😍😍😍😍😍

11 hours ago


12 hours ago

When is endgame coming yet

14 hours ago

Misleading title. Theres only ONE thing wrong with Ride Along- that it got made.

14 hours ago

Next is limitless

17 hours ago

I’m convinced that the dude who runs this channel is the biggest hater

17 hours ago

Rarely is a movie so bad that I can't even sit through the CinemaSins treatment.

17 hours ago

Everything Wrong With The Warriors

18 hours ago

ARE YOU KIDDING ME, THE STRIP CLUB DIDNT DESERVE A “this scene does not contain a lap dance”

19 hours ago

Recent live action bs?

Aladdin. Calling it

19 hours ago

Do the Spongebob movie

19 hours ago

the random childhood photo as a glamour shot i think is a nod to the wire with barksdale and his golden gloves

20 hours ago

It's always better to back INTO a parkingspot that OUT OF :P Tactically you should always position the car so you can do a quick exfil too ;)

1 day ago

Cinemasins gets way more dry ass hate than I thought jeez.... But I think Comments section should be changed to Opinions.... Wow the internet is cruel (behind a screen) but still cruel

1 day ago

@Cinemasins Do everything with Wrong Turn (2003)

1 day ago

Ice Cube movies suck

1 day ago

Yet another video made to judge a movie that is designed for entertainment, not practicality. Imagine making money from ruining films for people.

1 day ago

it made ice cube a joke and has stupid none funny dumb ass Kevin

1 day ago

ahh finally a sin's video pops on my recommendations...TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY

1 day ago

I swear you hate every movie
And I don't like the fact that I get your videos in my recommendations

1 day ago

Bad boys 2?? Plesse man

1 day ago

Is this a cinemasins guy impersonator?

1 day ago

but where is endgame

1 day ago

Thank you assface

1 day ago

Thank you ass face

1 day ago

Everything wrong with us

1 day ago

Do us

1 day ago