6 Trump Supporters vs 1 Secret Hater

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Published: 4 months ago
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comment  Comments

Omg i feel betrayed i never douted herr

1 hour ago

Dam all that and shes still a hater? Lol common sense in 1ear then out the other...

2 hours ago

They get their information and facts from Infowars? wtf

2 hours ago

if i ever see any these mfs i’m slapping em 😂😂👌🏽

3 hours ago

I like how it's 1 Trump hayer and not 1 Democrat, 1 non supporter or something like that

5 hours ago

THIS coment section is a back and forth of this and that. If you support hillary ok if you support trump ok. THIS coment section IS not for you guys to talk politically. I understand if you would like to share your opinion, but it doesn't mean YOU have to hate ON the other person.

6 hours ago

Ciara: i think i voted for Zach because i didnt want to vote for Natalie.

Erin: thats not v e g a n

6 hours ago

Yes trump for 2020 hope that coronavirus is gone

7 hours ago

The fact that her name is Kathryn and my name is Kathryn makes me proud UwU

8 hours ago

plot twist:

none of them support trump

8 hours ago

"I support him because he follows the constitution" must have been the funniest thing anyone has ever said on this show

8 hours ago

am i the only one who thinks the black guy kinda sounds like obama

9 hours ago

I hate you all 😂

11 hours ago

This is alot better than BuzzFeed

14 hours ago


14 hours ago

Bonnie is Fr cuteee

15 hours ago

She look pretty and innocent face that’s why she know the best . I mean i hate trump too lol

21 hours ago

Well now......this will be fun

23 hours ago

in the intro wheb kathryn said “i am a trump supportor” she didnt know how to act

1 day ago

Why did they hire the business suit guy to act as a badly-acted red herring? It might not have made a spicy enough video if none of them were actors, eh? It's an ok video, but not a very honest one.

1 day ago

It’s Natalie off rip because they had to edit her saying “I am a trump supporter” she wouldn’t say it

1 day ago

I don’t like Trump but atleast he’s ProLife.

1 day ago

America was founded by immigrants.

1 day ago

Oh I knew it might be her "winner what's her name." But she was doing good at hiding it. ciera was kind of throwing me.

Edit: spoiler, her name was Katherine.
Zach was throwing me too alittle.

1 day ago

Lol before the video, I thought if the revealed himself everyone would stomp on him

1 day ago

America has nevee been great

1 day ago

They actually made good points that needed to be fixed in America but you know will probably won’t be fixed

1 day ago

Trump supporters are a separate species of humans with underdeveloped brains.

1 day ago


1 day ago

Please do: “They’re all moles, but they think they are the only one.”

Like and/or re-comment so they can see!

1 day ago