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Published: 1 week ago
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I wanted to make something that just felt...positive and good! I tried to include the best triggers for that -- whispering, candle/fire sounds, soft lighting, face touching, positive affirmations, tea, warm blankies/robes, wooden blocks, lotion/pampering... :D

This is the second video I'm trying with a little insert-intro... what do you think? Do you like seeing the items laid out beforehand? Do you like the piano music? I'm not used to doing anything fancy LOL but I do want to get myself a nice 50mm lens now....
If you like the intro, you'll LOVE Latte ASMR!! She is such a big inspiration to me ;-; please check her out!

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July 31 is Harry's birthday!😊

15 minutes ago

your voice is soooo good for asmr in this one

1 hour ago

1:34 I legitimately thought those were condoms.

1 hour ago

Did anybody else think she put 2 packs of condoms on tje bed at the start lol

3 hours ago

Marko Tesicu jesi odgledo do kraja

3 hours ago

4 hours ago

Lo vuelvo a ver y es un placer verte....!!!!

7 hours ago

You are very beautiful

8 hours ago

☀️summer: 95 degrees outside☀️
gibi: “would you like a robe?”
gibi: “how about a blanket?”
gibi: “fireplace?”
me: 🥵 *sweating”

9 hours ago

Wow ive veen using relaxing tea to relax the wrong way for so long thanks gibi

10 hours ago

No one:

Gibi: you have a very brushable face let me tell you

11 hours ago

So she stops the audible book on my birthday...

12 hours ago

Did any body notice that she said "you have a very brushable face" 🤣

K just me I guess

13 hours ago

Who else gets asmr ads before the vid?

14 hours ago

Is anybody here watching this video on a 32 inch HD monitor? I am, talk about up close and personal.

14 hours ago

anyone know the piano song in the beginning?

14 hours ago

I saw what I thought was a lighter and spoon...thought this was gonna be a different kinda asmr

15 hours ago

why did the intro remind me of latte asmr

15 hours ago


15 hours ago

Can you please time stamp when the real stuff starts. Kinda tired of listening to sponsorships and collaborations. Thanks 😁

16 hours ago

Me: sat and played Rainbow 6 Siege all day trying to get good
Gibi: you deserve to relax
Me: well no, but actually yes

18 hours ago

My god, if you do that on me for real...dammmmmn that will be heaven....

18 hours ago

I just got a ASMR beer commercial right before this video and I'm kind of shook lmao

19 hours ago

This was very nice. You looked so elegant. The laying things out at the beginning was a nice touch. Thanks for all your hard work. mwah.

19 hours ago

spiderman needs this

20 hours ago

You are really pretty Gibi!

21 hours ago

The little speech she delivered while using the wooden cubes was incredibly wise.. It made me think a lot

22 hours ago

Mrs Gibi, I feel so good.

22 hours ago


23 hours ago

Idk why ppl are mad about the ad, its sponsored, but if pewdiepie is sponspred no one is complaining? Hm.

1 day ago