Seance Uncovers Dark Secrets at Stanley Hotel

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Published: 2 months ago
Sam and Colby explore the paranormal with a seance that uncovers dark secrets when they explore the Stanley Hotel...

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Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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2 months ago

The red rum u guys found at the roof thing was spelled wrong

4 days ago

Wanna sign ,when sign come .. cry like a baby...

6 days ago

Around 1:09 look at right side of screen looks like an orb floating really fast

6 days ago

Actually creepy with the lucy girl thing

1 month ago

I didn't see anything when they said the blanket moved

5 minutes ago

7:49 Look at the window, that shadow could have been Sam moving his head but it seemed to tall

55 minutes ago

11:25 Something behind colby :/

1 hour ago

Yall when they asked for the door to move can you literally see the closet door close on camera, and another lollipop fell over between frames

2 hours ago

The bathroom door nob switched positions

4 hours ago

15:11 scared me so bad

4 hours ago

When Cory was talking around the circle and Colby’s head glitched but there was no glitches in the sound

5 hours ago

8:30 the pillow is in a different position cause earlier the pillow was tilted downwards a bit

6 hours ago

8:51... the lollipop was up, then it was flat. 😱 Chills, Goosebumps went all down my spine.
If you seen that as well, make the thumb blue :) 🤗

9 hours ago

Anyone else noticed that the lollipop was knocked down in the background

10 hours ago

im sorry buhh corey fuccin scary like donn gett me wrong i would be scared buhh i wouldnt be like “Шƕබt Шබ꒚ tƕබt ꐯƠƯ ƓƯꐯ꒚” every time ah lil noise pop out sksksksksk,then he running out seekinn fa someone tuh be like what happened or corey come bacc lolololols. buhh thass juss my opinion 🤠🤠.

11 hours ago

U guys are so funny 😂 even when ur scared you are all savage good luck boys you’re going to need it😱😂from the uk x

14 hours ago


18 hours ago

ghost: ohh lollipops
Corey: wait did anyone touched the lollipop pops before we left
ghost: wEll DaNgit I caNT HelP MySelF around LOLLIPOPS

19 hours ago

Why is Jake so calm 😂

19 hours ago

From 8:31 - 8:33 the pillow moves

21 hours ago

I love jake he’s like the bestttttt he makes me laugh even if it’s creepy haha 😂 love you guys 💙🖤🥀💞💃🏻🔐🔒

22 hours ago

you can see a face of a girl in the corner on top of the closet when colby ends the video for the looks like it.

1 day ago

The Kid that wrote Redrum Probably moved to the place where u Guys Wrote Redrum, which is in the bathroom!!!!!!!

1 day ago

She is kinda creepy. But lowkey pretty cute🤷‍♂️😂

1 day ago

I hate when you guys put creepy music cuz I can never tell if I actually heard something or not

1 day ago

Corey ruin it every time because hes so scared :( Why is he even do the whole thing.......

1 day ago

Rewatched this after the witches forest video and I just realised that Sam's dream sounds kind of similar to what happened in the witches forest.

1 day ago

I keep thinkin of potato 🥔

1 day ago

*Watches video at 3am with a creak in my closet 😐

1 day ago

Lol you’re supposed to be inside the salt circle my guy, and I don’t think you’re supposed let go of each others hands. LOVE YOU GUYS THO, and I only want you to be safe❤️

1 day ago

When Jennifer was leaving she dident have a bag, she only had here purse

1 day ago

r.i.p Stan the man lee

1 day ago

at 7:03 the door shuts behind the chair top right

1 day ago