Seance Uncovers Dark Secrets at Stanley Hotel

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Published: 1 week ago
Sam and Colby explore the paranormal with a seance that uncovers dark secrets when they explore the Stanley Hotel...

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Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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1 week ago

I got to say that during a seance

You are supposed to end it or something you summoned will follow you

As for the Queen mary night

You guys were in a ship with the Ocean close by which is literally a gigantic graveyard

Spirits of the ones who died there are trapped

Difference between a Demon and spirit

Demons know how to manipulate you and do things no human spirit can do

So if you have strange things happening in your house

They most likely followed you

One more thing for Corey
The more fear you have the more spirits will be active

Think of it as a Wolf hunting a bunny

The fear is how they find you

3 days ago

Corey’s a pussy bruh delete him

6 days ago

Cam you go to witches forest?!?

1 week ago

Sam and Colby y'all are becoming better and better film makers. Y'all could do so much more than just YouTube. You know that right?

1 week ago

Did someone fucking say anything please or was that the sprit 😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱

1 minute ago

My initial thoughts about this whole series.
It was pretty good, definitely was spooky, and interesting. The girl in the 3rd episode was definitely creepy, but lowkey hot, and I'm almost 95% sure Colby is talking to her xD Though, it was hyped up too much... like, it was DEFINITELY spooky and creepy, but, not as much as the trailer made it seem. But, anyway. My only thing... if you guys want to take this stuff seriously, and not get much complaints; don't bring Corey with you anymore.

Corey. Dude, you need to seriously chill, and stop being over dramatic. You knew you went to that hotel to SPECIFICALLY communicate with spirits. The EXACT moment you finally got responses, you literally became an immature little child and stormed off. If you stormed off due to that, I highly doubt the stories you told about your "Ouija Experiences" are even true. You literally go on, and on about "BRO! I DON'T LIKE THIS! I DON'T LIKE THIS! LET'S GET OUT OF HERE NOW!" The ONLY legit shit I've ever seen you do is Nonna's Pizzeria. And honestly, the only reason is probably because they are mature, fully grown adults that would easily get annoyed with you being over dramatic.

You are a cool dude; but, you really need to change. You can clearly see that everyone was lowkey getting annoyed when you just ran out of the room. They had to literally STOP communicating to get you.

4 minutes ago

Why didn't y'all check the mirror that morning..?? The finger prints remember!!!!!

32 minutes ago

Could you livestream one?

1 hour ago

I would love for them to go to bachelors grove. Aka the worlds most haunted cemetery in the USA.

1 hour ago

*everyone hears a small noise*

Corey: fuck this shit im out

1 hour ago

Oi guys the lolip moved

1 hour ago

23:38 black thing bottom of stairs

2 hours ago

Um...Jakes eyes seem to be completely black but every one elses was black in the iris but not in the white part of the eye.

2 hours ago

Please do these without Corey he’s very distracting and just longs out the video

2 hours ago

There should be a movie about this and all the ghosts adventures you have

3 hours ago

It would be good if you had a short video so we could see the photos. On the video you can't really see the photos that where took.

But really before doing anything like that you should really take protection amulates that will give you the best protection. Also the salt you need to put around you and throw some over your shoulders. I know this maybe annoying but still I'm saying this to help. You guys need to learn how to create and morph your own energy so that you can place a bubble around you. Also if you do a sayonce use white candles and ask the angles to protect you.

I get that your all doing thing willing and because you like it however for all your sakes and safetys please follow at least some of what I said. It will really benifit and protect you all.

3 hours ago

Am I the only one seeing a reflection of man in the window with the '' special'' camera (don't remember how it is called) like at 5:58

3 hours ago

Anyone else hate when it says: ‘What happened.’ And you hear the sound: ‘Mommy~’ ._. I get really freaked out 😂

Jake: I was driving a little hot wheels car.
Me: That’s gay.

3 hours ago

Theres a lollipop that's on the green camera lower left standing up

4 hours ago

Ok but can we not take Corey next time? Things finally get exciting (3 videos later) and he wants to stop?! Fuck that!

4 hours ago

Omg you both should go to Winchester mansion thingy

4 hours ago

I got an idea of where you guys can go next...Chimes hotel, Benoni, South Africa it's apparently in the top 5 most haunted buildings in SA

4 hours ago

Cory was so scared and I would be scared to if I was in his situation.

4 hours ago

At 9:10 lollipop fell it was standing up and 3:21

4 hours ago

i think colby likes jennifer

4 hours ago

Can’t respect anything in the video since you guys over edit these. Seems real until you add scary images and sound effects. If it’s real, keep it real.

4 hours ago

Look at the wall with the black thing it turns on when Corey moves

5 hours ago

pliz pliz can You guys get back the bracelets pppliiizzzzzzzzzz Ø-Ø

5 hours ago

Yo who else binge watched this shi!

5 hours ago

241 K not long now... i want a newe video!!! CLICK THAT LIKE BUTTON GUYS!!!!

7 hours ago

at 4:56 the is a lollypop standing up if u look on the camera that was the green

7 hours ago

Like the Stanley Hotel

8 hours ago

Okay now I realized at your old house one of your bathrooms are a void for ghost...

8 hours ago