Do Bouncy Ball Shoes Make You Jump Higher?

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Published: 1 week ago
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Today we're taking some bouncy ball material and seeing if they can add any bounce to our shoes, then making a giant bouncy chicken.

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Should of did it way different

32 minutes ago

You need to either cover the bottom with semicircle or ridges so the material has room to spread out I think.

35 minutes ago

New girl

38 minutes ago

What a dam surprise

1 hour ago

they look like chewed up sour patch

3 hours ago

you have to make the soles a LOT thicker

5 hours ago

Can you try fixing broken things with instant noodles

6 hours ago

U guys should date

11 hours ago

I wanna know what happens with the powder if you put in the water and microwave it for 3mins. Will it turn more into a slime or what will happen.

12 hours ago


13 hours ago

obviously not

13 hours ago

Am I the only one that was saying keep the shoes.?

14 hours ago


15 hours ago


16 hours ago

What happens if you Cook/microwave Bouncy ball powder?

16 hours ago

You could just cover your foot in them to make a shoe

17 hours ago

They could of put a layer of non stick stuff on the sole

17 hours ago

Was the "Jane gimme your shoe" thing from Doom patrol??

17 hours ago


17 hours ago

UFC gloves

19 hours ago


19 hours ago

Crocks and ugs have had babies and they are ugly! 😂

19 hours ago

one thing we will never know for sure

19 hours ago

Am the only one who never knew this powder existed?

20 hours ago

So what ever happened to the other guy that did these videos first?

21 hours ago

Why TF do you need gloves in every video

21 hours ago

I used to make these bouncy balls all the time lol

21 hours ago

If you put the bouncy ball on the tip of your shoes can you kick a ball (kickball, football, soccerball, etc.) even further than normal?

21 hours ago

2019- Crocuddiles Now on sale
2019- Crocuddiles Now Discontinued

22 hours ago

2012 TKOR: How to make rocket fuel

2019 TKOR: Do bouncy ball shoes make you jump higher?

22 hours ago