Everything Wrong With Ghostbusters (2016)

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Published: 1 week ago
*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 7/18/17*

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Well, you screamed a WHOLE BUNCH about us not doing this sooner, so we finally decided to sin one of the most talked-about movies of 2016, Ghostbusters. We found lots of sins!

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Surprised it got so few sins. I consider a score of 80-100 sins to be a good-to alright movie. But 129 sins seems sinfully small. Still, surprised they sinned it as much as they did. And yet, you complain about body part/fluid jokes when you start with masturbation and orgy jokes. I'm going to have to sin that before th3birdman does.[DING!]

4 hours ago

At 6:08 the blond actress looks straight into the camera .

6 hours ago

the SFX look like they were stolen from 2001 Scooby Doo

8 hours ago

This movie was GARBAGE, and not because it was an all female cast, but because it was just garbage.

9 hours ago

Can you do Hachiko, Titanic and City of Bones

10 hours ago

Do Hotel for Dogs

10 hours ago

Sin worth 500 this existests

15 hours ago

2:20 Haha, I can google my name and my books pop up first. And I'm a freetime fantasy author that has sold just about 20 books all together during the past 3 years. But your point is interesting - how did he find her?

Damnit, was I the only one that actually enjoyed this movie? I was a fan of the old movies, and this was to me a nostalgia re-make for some fun and gags.

17 hours ago

I don't care about what people say about this movie it was so good

21 hours ago

As much as I love this channel I cannot make it through this mess. I have never seen this movie even though I received it for free for linking stuff to my Vudu account. That’s how bad the movie is…they gave it away! 🥴

22 hours ago

At first I thought the re-uploads were because of some YouTube issue. But they're just doing it for new audiences right?

23 hours ago

I say they should of done it similar to the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon at least the cartoon had a diverse cast including a great female protagonist

23 hours ago

the main problem with this movie is that they wasted all the talented people skills on a crappy movie haha hollywood you do it again. Why didn't they have the original ghostbusters be their fathers or somehow pass down the company to the next generation. their movie fixed

1 day ago

sin 1 they made it

1 day ago

Do everything wrong with goosebumps 2

1 day ago

Almost everyone in this movie is from snl

1 day ago

I once ordered a delivery from McDonald's sitting in the very same McDonald's. Probably Abby is not the only one doing this.

1 day ago

6:33 LOL!!!!

1 day ago

Just make a sin video about endgame it has been out for 5 months now and it is on blu ray

1 day ago

Crafter Youtube be patient young one .the best comes to who wait 😎

1 day ago

Ya know, this whole fracas could've been avoided if real screenwriters had been hired to write a proper script to which the actresses adhered to. It's not like Kate McKinnon was improvising and 'wingin' it' when she made everyone laugh during her SNL political parodies.

1 day ago

Everything Wrong with Ghostbusters 2016. Read that first word again.

1 day ago

I missed a lot of this movie. I turned it on and ended up cleaning my kitchen instead. It just didn't seem good after I saw the actresses doing the same comedy they did on any other film.

1 day ago

Bill Murray was in it because, as I recall, Sony was thinking about legal action against him if he didn't.

1 day ago

The sex jokes in the beginning is great fuel. Perfect for this video.

2 days ago

Literally everything.

2 days ago

This movie was painful and disappointing to watch i avoided it for a long time before i actually watched it and it was such a wasted effort with such good talent. Hope dan aykroyd will really make a true sequel to Ghostbusters soon.

2 days ago

"Despite all the talent involved"
What talent? Bill Murray? Chris Hemsworth?

2 days ago

None of the girls is dating me. Well, if they’re living in the same town, the guy would likely be aware of other professors/authors in that town, even if they’ve only sold 20 books.

2 days ago

Re-uploads make people unsubscribe. Bye!

2 days ago

Stupid movie. Glad it bombed.

2 days ago