Trump "Fires" Bolton & More Lies

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Published: 5 days ago
Trump fired up his supporters at a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, claimed he is keeping more promises than he even promised, lied about the weather, said he fired his national security advisor John Bolton who claims he resigned, called the new election polls fake, and his son Donald Trump Jr. (DJTJ) released a bunch of new family merchandise including a toy.

Trump Cancels Taliban, Slams Legend & Teigen

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Trump "Fires" Bolton & More Lies


comment  Comments

Well, they were wet because it was humid

35 minutes ago

Those 10 women right at the front, yeh, I want to grab their p****y.

2 hours ago

The Trump family are America’s favorite criminal family.

3 hours ago

Trump believes in his own lies.what a bullshit artist.

5 hours ago

Made in China... Lol😛

7 hours ago

The prices are so high because of the added tariffs.

8 hours ago

Greatly dumb

10 hours ago

It was even wet water.

15 hours ago

Firing Bolton is a huge contribution, a preemptive strive for world peace. No one can possibly be more deserving than Trump for a Nobel Peace prize award, and that should make good the blunder in awarding Obamas a prize he didn't deserve.

16 hours ago

"Promises made, promises kept?" I didn't get a $4000 tax reduction, I didn't get a $3000 raise from my employer, and I have yet to fill out a tax form the size of a postcard! What say you?

18 hours ago

He was just saying they're drips.

18 hours ago

He still looks orange w/o the light bulbs! The bulbs whose efficiency he doesn't really care about and wants to get rid of. Unbelievable!

23 hours ago

America more free for press than rest of world

1 day ago

Jimmy Drivel another sweaty ball sack of late night TABLOIDS...

1 day ago

Junior - a ruthless sadistic POC , his entertainment ..... killing animals close and personal.

1 day ago

These (R) bigots are useful idiots but it is the self anointed (R) evangelical Christians that worship this demagogue - False Religion abounds!

1 day ago

How did he become President? LOL-;)
Congrats United States

1 day ago

I wonder how many % can't see through his pathetic lies. Why are so so many people so so moronic?`What the hell is wrong with them?

1 day ago

Let’s see what bullshit kimmel has for us today

1 day ago

Kimmel. My dude. You know how classist and racist it seems to have a token person of Hispanic descent on stage who's only there to do your bidding, right? Cut that out. Give the man the dignity he deserves; either by giving him a voice on the stage, or keeping him off it. It's super weird to have him standing in a corner, waiting for you to call out to him. Would you be willing to put a white guy there? See how I was forced to ask that kind of question? It's because you brought us to this place, Jimmy. It was all you. Now fix that crap.

1 day ago

OK, mainstream media is fake news. So, be fake. Every clip of D Dump they show should be in the form of drunk donald trump. It is not impossible I could die laughing!

1 day ago

I bought a Trump shirt in a flea market as a joke. The shirt is made in Indonesia.

Salaries in Indonesia are much much lower than in China. Something like much less than $100/month.

This Kimmel guy nails it even though Kimmel is not my favorite ;-)

1 day ago

I’m so confused how my stupid fellow white people once enslaved half the world ... they continue to fall for this joker. I’m a server in Texas and I still hear old white couples talking so good about him and spouting the same bullshit he bleats out daily. I make sure I overcharge them.

1 day ago

Donald Trump is an ass clown🤡... Donald Trump is a pathological liar....

1 day ago

Dude. I love Jimmy Kimmel. Just keeps me laughing

1 day ago

I miss the days when the President of the United States was smarter than me.

1 day ago

He can't open his mouth without sounding like an imbecile and all of those people at his rallies are too stupid to realise what a disgusting, lying, con man he is....??? WTF

1 day ago

Made in China! Fake news.

1 day ago

Trump asked who is the real enemy of the US? - Chinese people or the Fed chairman? I ask who is the REAL President of the United States of America? - Donald Trump or Howard Stern?

1 day ago

Let's just start a new slogan, maybe we could get China to make these hats like the make America great again hats..dump trump!!!!!!

1 day ago