Bray Wyatt reveals a dark secret on “Firefly Fun House”: Raw, May 13, 2019

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Published: 1 week ago
“Firefly Fun House” takes a disturbing turn.


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He might wrestle at summer slam

3 minutes ago


5 minutes ago

so sad

50 minutes ago

That’s dope

1 hour ago

im excited to see trips vince and creative fumble and bury this possible goldmine of goodness.

4 hours ago

Like harper

5 hours ago

His new theme should sound like AHS theme

5 hours ago

Oh COME ONNNNN. Favorite Part

5 hours ago

Bray Wyatt yaar kab aaoge

6 hours ago

Best gimmick since The shield

10 hours ago

so what did he say about calling himself a pathetic loser

10 hours ago

Projared: Hey kids, wanna see my little secret too?

11 hours ago

crazy steve

12 hours ago

He kind of looks like sweet tooth from twisted metal.

13 hours ago

Im confused...

13 hours ago

They finally reworked Bray Wyatt to what he should be doing, great job WWE, don't screw it up.

13 hours ago

This is a darker version of blues clues or pee wee herman

14 hours ago

Well you can only cut so much promos without ruining the character now you need to see matches with out ruining matches

14 hours ago

So he is slipknot now?

14 hours ago

Stupidest thing I ever saw if I was watching episode I'd tune off as soon as I saw a children.funhouse

14 hours ago


15 hours ago


15 hours ago

How much gayer can wrestling get

16 hours ago

God damn this guy is creepy!

17 hours ago

I started watching WWE after I saw Bray Wyatt's creepiest face

18 hours ago

Bray wyatt the eater of world's is rambling rabbit.
Mercy the buzzard who is waylon mercy killed off the old bray wyatt (rambling rabbit) and he has now been resurrected, reborn and repackaged.

20 hours ago

I want that mask

20 hours ago

The only thing i dont agree with is the clown pants and leather jacket

20 hours ago

Everyone thought he would be the person to appear in the ladder match but brock comes full speed abusing camera men ngl im happy hes back because i wanna see more camera men get abused

20 hours ago

Bray found the power of the Scary Mask. We have to do something or else we're going to lose Poppy and Bray Wyatt.

20 hours ago