This video may seem long, but considering that it shows 12 yea...' /> This video may seem long, but considering that it shows 12 yea...' /> This video may seem long, but considering that it shows 12 yea...'>

Bboy Physicx 2001-2013 (year by year)

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Published: 3310 days
"Physicx's SIGNATURE MOVES are STILL ALIVE! (2013)":

This video may seem long, but considering that it shows 12 years in less than 12 minutes, it's not that long.

I do not own any of the movie clips or the music I have used. I own no rights. The sources I have used is written in the credits at the end of my movie and and i this description.

Bboy name: Physicx
Real name: Hyo Kyen Kim
Year of birth: 1984
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Crew: Rivers crew, Floor Gangz, Project Seoul

Music used:
They Reminisce Over You - Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

Videos used:
Physicx - B-Boy Jam 2001
physicx 2001 rare clip.haha
Physicx at UK B BOY CHAMPS 2002 HQ Original Sound
B-boy Physicx 2002 (Rivers Crew)
Ichigeki Japan VS Rivers Crew Korea
Physicx (Rivers crew) - Battle of the year Korea 2003
Freestyle Session Korea 2004 Finals Drifterz Vs Rivers part 1
Physicx - best years
Bboy Physicx at Hiphop Planet 2004
Red Bull BC One 2005 - Lilou vs Physicx - Original Music (HQ)
Bboy Physicx in IBE 2005
B-boy Physicx @ Ground Control (Uncut)
Born & Physicx @ Armory Cup 2006 (Uncut)
Bboy Physicx - Circle BTTF 2007 (2).AVI
Bboy Physicx R16 Korea Sparkling 2007
Bboy Physicx - R-16 2008 ( HD! )
Bboy Physicx new style 2009
Hong 10 vs Physicx 2009
BOTY Singapore 2010 bboy physicx showcase
Bboy Physicx @ Root Down 2011
RIVERS CREW @ Ramp Jam 2011 (Bboy Born, Physicx, Redfoot...)
Bboy Physicx (River Crew,Korea) Judge @ Malaysia
"What's going on?" physicx
BBOY PHYSICX 2013 - Rivers Crew
Bboy Physicx 2013 HD
Bboy Physicx 2013 - Rivers Crew

Ignore tags:
best breakdancer 2012 2010 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2006 2005 2004 elbow spin flag spin bboy junior lilou cloud darkness hong 10 born end victor kim dtwix rivers crew milky roxite
Events/Judge/special Guest * 2002 UK Bboy Championship Crew 1st * 2002 Korean Hiphop festival Concert Special Guest * 2003 UK B-Boy Championship Team Category, UK (2nd Place) * 2003 UK Bboy Championship Crew 2nd * 2004 Rennes, France Hiphop planet champion * 2004 Beijing, China Beijing Bboy Battle Special Guest / Judge * 2004 UK Bboy Championships Crew 1st * 2004 Levis 3vs3 1st * 2004 Freestyle session Korea crew vs crew 2nd * 2004 UK Bboy Championships Solo 1st * 2005 UK Bboy Championships Crew 1st * 2005 B-boy Unit vol.7 crew vs crew 1st * 2005 Ground Control solo 1st * 2005 Participation at Red Bull BCOne 1vs1 * 2005 France solo battle competition 1st * 2005 Participation at IBE all vs all * 2006 Ground Control solo 1st * 2006 Bigbang M/V * 2006 Nike CF * 2006 UK B-boy championship Korea crew vs crew 2nd * 2006 b-boy Challenge crew vs crew 1st * 2006 Boty Korea crew vs crew 2nd * 2006 Armory Cup Korea crew vs crew 1st * 2007 R-16 internetional crew vs crew 1st * 2007 B-boy Unit vol.9 crew vs crew 1st * 2007 Fano, Italy Born to The Floor Special Guest / Judge * 2008 R-16 internetional crew vs crew 4th * 2008 B-boy cyon championship crew vs crew 2nd * 2008 KB b-boy WORLD Masters crew vs crew 1st * 2008 B-boy championship Chuncheon * 2008 Jeonju Bboy Grandprix crew vs crew * 2008 Chelles Pro Battle 2vs2 2nd * 2010 Vancouver Battle of T.N.G Bboy Hong 10 rush Taisuke morris kapuToshiki Yoshi Khalil Marcio Tawifiq Thesis mike the cure minnesota joe Gravity kill salo lil kev lil amok neguin lil Ismael charlee ryoma lil sin juju lilou android paranoid kaku cico tim ryanimay conferido victor kim d-trix quest crew 7 commandoz driffterz jinjo crew all area crew mortal combat knuckleheadz cali gambler bigtoe crew phase t terror bunch footzbeul freakshow pokemon melting force raf crew Tricks combo powermove footworks airchaire flare air flare windmilll morris


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