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Published: 1 year ago
Hey, Everyone! Here is my updated morning routine since a lot has changed now that I’ve completed my residency and have my new puppy Bear in my life. Thanks to Lenovo for this paid partnership! #Ad #LenovoSmartDisplay

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If there’s something interesting about your morning routine that you’d like to share with me, leave a comment below. Also, If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously.

We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series soon so please submit more names of shows/episodes you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!

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Hey doc
I really love you.......
but you need to save water😅😅😅

Pls ...
On a serious note...

5 hours ago

That "hey Google" set off my Google assistant ;-;

7 hours ago

I’m shook at the blowdryer he owns

12 hours ago

I need your e mail . If you dont mind.

13 hours ago

What happens to you other dog

14 hours ago

I have to wake up at 4:00 a.m😂

17 hours ago

Is this Dr. single? Totally asking for myself 🙈

22 hours ago

Lol! You said "Good morning, Google" and my cell phone jumped to life.

1 day ago

Who is your cameraman doctor Mike??

2 days ago

Nobody is perfect. His hair is messy. His body is not that muscular. But then again he is not focused probably on too much muscle as more medical, just probably aims to stay fit.

3 days ago

Namaz is the key of sucess brother it's give happines in duniya and akhirat

3 days ago

This guy wake up at 5:30am 😐
I have to leave my house at 8 and I woke up at 7am with complains 🥴
Okay let me try 6am tomorrow and 5:30 am the next day perhaps 😦

3 days ago

I just wake up to my alarm at 7:00, but I stay in bed until 7:15. Either getting some extra rest or being on my phone. And then I change. And by change I really mean put on my jeans, my shoes, and my hoodie. I sleep with my shirt that I’m going to wear for the day. I go to the bathroom and wash my hands, don’t really do my hair, I just brush it to the side once or twice. I don’t really eat breakfast, I just have some chocolate milk and a granola bar. I make sure I have everything. And at 7:25 I head off to the bus stop to go to school.

4 days ago

Does anyone know what the exact name of the waterpik flosser is?

4 days ago

You should be actors,not doctor.i must say that real doctor is smarter then acting doctor. As a nurse I never get crush on any doctor, but I crush on you.i don't know why.

4 days ago

I do oatmeal too. I use steel cut oat which take a long time to cook so I make it the night before. I boil a chopped up apple or nectarine or pear in the water for a few minutes before adding the oatmeal. The fruit sweetens the water and the oatmeal. Right before the oatmeal is done, I add a little ground cinnamon. Yum. I have eggs with it to balance a carb with a protien and off we go.

5 days ago

At what time u have to be at work?🤣

5 days ago

hahahaha the Google Sponsors!

5 days ago

What ever happened to eating first before your dog so you establish dominance? lol

5 days ago

Ok that high five deserves a like

6 days ago

The unusual but daily thing I do every morning is

To get late and make my mom yell at me😂

6 days ago

when he asked his google for a recipe for fuckin google home started giving me recipes for oatmeal...dammit dr mike

6 days ago

Omg Honey If you where my doctor i literally have a heart attack just looking you (you so charming and so cute)lol.

6 days ago

lol dr mike is over here having a perfect morning routine and we are over here waking up at 12 and falling asleep again

1 week ago

Dog high fives are too precious 😭

1 week ago

I usually do sit ups in the morning

1 week ago

I wake up (really late not early 😅) and then I lay in my bed for a while. And then I go on my tablet and watch videos. And then I stay in my bed. AND THEN I watch more vids and maybe draw a little . and then nighttime comes. And I stay up until 2 am and then I go to bed . AND START THE DAY ALL OVER AGAIN. I'm fine :) • ^ • just fineee :3 I'm perfectly FINEEEEE? Oh and I am 11 year old gurl =^=

1 week ago

What is an alarm clock :^ lol I know what an alarm clock is but I don't use one = ^ = "OH SHE SO BASICALLY BASIC" jk 😜

1 week ago

Puppy Bear 😂

1 week ago

Since you've done a 2017 and 2018 morning routine, if you can, could you please try to make a 2019 morning routine please?

1 week ago

Quiero ser como tú cuándo sea grande 😔😍

1 week ago