Eugene's Guide To Every Hair Product

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Published: 5 days ago
Eugene teaches you how to use different hair products, getting achievable tips and tricks from professional stylist David Dang. In this new series, Style-ish, Eugene will explore fashion, beauty, hair and skincare in a way that's informational, accessible and relatable!

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When the hair stylist was talking about changing the hair texture and Eugene said “Sorry Mom, not so straight anymore.” I snorted at the double meaning. Amazing video Eugene and David Dang. I just realized his last name fits so well. Mr. DANG!

39 minutes ago

Not only is this a video about how cool Eugene is, it is also a seriously good video about hair styling

59 minutes ago

The second one makes him look like Donghae from Suju. 😄

59 minutes ago

Can we get similar videos of the other try guys to see what can be done with other types of hair?

1 hour ago

I love Eugene's stylist. Very humorous, gentle but firm. Very cool.

2 hours ago

Tbh I wouldn't be surprised if he got some modeling offers

2 hours ago

I want Eugene level confidence

2 hours ago

Does he not realize those people are joking? Everyone thinks he looks like a gay moron

2 hours ago

"A dime to a quarter size".. and for those who don't live in America?

2 hours ago

"Eugene's guide to hair products" more like "Eugene being hot for 17 minutes and 36 seconds"

4 hours ago

lmao get the flyaways bc pictures are FOREVER

5 hours ago

High and dry was my fave

5 hours ago

i have locs so I learned nothing lol, but I was thoroughly entertained. Looking forward to more videos in this style-ish series

5 hours ago

Uuuh imagine how hot eugene would look with shoulder length hair

6 hours ago

Curl friends ^_____^

7 hours ago

So Eugene wanted to be a model for a day... I'm here for it.

8 hours ago

Takes 2 hours to create the hairstyle. Says "you can do this in only 15 minutes". Nope.

9 hours ago


10 hours ago

Lmfao the like button is at 6.9mil

11 hours ago

Me: sitting here with pj’s, messy bun and rub of ice cream...
I really need Eugene’s help...

12 hours ago

Pure Eugene fan service and I love it 💕

12 hours ago


13 hours ago


14 hours ago

Eugene looks like every guy in Korean romance dramas

14 hours ago

I love Eugene's stylist. Very humorous, gentle but firm. Very cool.

15 hours ago

1:24 can you see what i see

15 hours ago

14:25 omg Eugene is channeling Gu Junpyo vibes!! All he needed was to dismiss some girl that made him a cake. 😂

16 hours ago

why do i feellike you will ind allof these hairstyles in almost any 80's movie

16 hours ago

suddenly, I want to play with Eugene's hair

16 hours ago

Does anyone else think that Eugene is Uncle Jessie from Full/Fuller House??

Like if u agree

16 hours ago