Descendants 2 doesn't make any sense...

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Published: 1 week ago
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Descendants doesn't make any sense...

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Camp Rock doesn't make any sense...

Kim Possible is kinda dumb...

Camp Rock 2 doesn't make any sense...
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hey everybody, so yeah the timing on this video couldn't be worse. But, I did include a little piece about Cameron at the end, like I did with Luke Perry in my Riverdale videos. Obviously these videos are just for fun and light-hearted jokes so I hope you all watch it with that mindset. Jokes aside, I have nothing but respect for Cameron and all the actors and crew that make these movies possible.

1 week ago


10 hours ago

Thank you for doing that! I bet Cameron would have loved your videos being the jokester that he was!

13 hours ago

Alex you should do a video about this Nickelodeon show called Make It Pop

14 hours ago

You should react to Audrey's Royal Return, she drops real facts and tea. But all that aside, thank you for addressing Cameron's death.

15 hours ago

Vocafan X he took the video down to add the Cameron Boyce tribute at the end

20 hours ago

Hello can u do a video on adventures in baby sitting but the Disney channel one

8 minutes ago

wait wait wait, you don’t understand. i got an ad for descendants THREE TIMES throughout the entirety of this video. THREE TIMES!!!!

30 minutes ago

i died at the bangs thingy coz its literally me rn i cut bangs a few weeks ago and i regret it so much but theyve grown a little and all i wanna do is chop them short agaib lmao

38 minutes ago

PLEase do zapped

52 minutes ago

You make no sense.

1 hour ago

Rip Cameron

1 hour ago

Of coarse, you made this when Cameron Boyce left this world.

Why are you always trying to ruin the movies we all love?
I don’t normally hate on people. But,

Fuck you.

1 hour ago

I just got an ad for Descendants 3

1 hour ago

Descendants 3 is gonna hurt to watch so much

2 hours ago

It dosnt make sense cuz it’s a kids movie it won’t make that much sense

2 hours ago

YouTube: Advertisment before video
Me: Oh come on--
YouTube: Descendants 3 ad
Me: Pays close attention to ad 0>0

2 hours ago

Tentacles intensifies

2 hours ago

12:28 is so accurate

2 hours ago

Cameron Boyce ♡♡

3 hours ago

Who else got an ad for descendants 3 at 12:37

3 hours ago

OMG I'm so glad you pointed out the fact that the wand wasn't supposed to work there in the Isle anyway! I thought I was the only one who noticed that didn't add up.

4 hours ago

Like wtf? 😂😂😂
Such a tragedy 🤦

4 hours ago

What’s funny is that years before these movies came out my nickname was Mal, ( still is ) but when these movies came out I was shook because I was like HEY THATS MY NICKNAME!!

5 hours ago

12 year old Cameron Boyce:HEY JESSIE
20 year old Cameron Boyce:Bye jessie
Me:Rest easy bro

5 hours ago

R.I.P Cameron Boyce

But uhh uma is just a big pus

5 hours ago

It is so sad what happened to Cameron. I am 20 and epileptic too and I was about to die on 8th grade because of a seizure on my sleep. I am feeling so bad because I can relate a lot with him. He could have done lots of great things he was very talented :( rest in peace buddy

5 hours ago

Please can you review/ react to Titans on DC Universe

6 hours ago

Dude, I literally bought the swap😂
I loved that movie so much!!!

6 hours ago

next, you should do a video on how stranger things 3 actually sucked and is nothing compared to season 2 lol

7 hours ago

eustials season 3 wasn’t really a mess since all of the side plot with the characters goes together pretty good and season 3 takes place like almost a year after season 2 so of course characters like max are gonna be different plus what about the plot twist of eleven losing her powers

4 hours ago

Slap shot Studio2006 seriously? i mean they literally focused on absolutely nothing in s3. it was a complete mess and doesn’t deserve the recognition it received. max was a shy but loud young girl in s2 and apparently in s3 she’s part of the group. and i mean, there was zero plot twists

5 hours ago

eustials s3 was better than s2 in my opinion

6 hours ago

Ben's deer-in-the-headlights look during Mal's confession tho

7 hours ago

The pop tart part made me laugh so hard

8 hours ago

1:07 the camera crew in the mirror 😅😅

8 hours ago

You should talk about another Cinderella story it has Selena Gomez in it and it’s really bad I just rewatched it and it has the most awkward dialogue 😂

8 hours ago

Cameron😭😭😭😭😭 I miss him so much💗💗 he was too young😭😭😭 whyy I'll miss you we all will💞💕

10 hours ago