Joaquin Phoenix and Jimmy Fallon Trade Places

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Published: 3 months ago
Joaquin Phoenix confirms a little-known fact about what movie he’s seen more than any other in his life and then trades places with Jimmy.  

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Joaquin Phoenix and Jimmy Fallon Trade Places



comment  Comments

I thought this was going to be comedy.

... but it was a tragedy.

10 minutes ago

I just left the Kimmel show and it was awful this is so much lighter and better. I love Fallon and Joaquin

15 minutes ago

4:47 gives me chills after watching joker

30 minutes ago

The joker manipulates jimmy Fallon into becoming the guest of his own show

1 hour ago

I wish he had really said the words from ‘Joker’

1 hour ago

3:43 when someone asks why you never hit them up.. 😂 keep it going in the comments

1 hour ago

I have no idea how Jimmy has a talk show

2 hours ago


2 hours ago

It is all smile and laughs until he says:
Wanna hear another joke Jimmy?

4 hours ago

What a horrible interview.

5 hours ago

Whys this dude trying to be woke he just sounds stupid

6 hours ago

I feel so bad for joaquin honestly, oh my god. he’ll never live this bloody joker role down. he’s already completely tired of it.

6 hours ago

guys he didn't say "You are awful jimmy." they are making joke bc of the movie. you can search and find that scene by writing "joker and murray"

7 hours ago

5:20 jhon marston voice

7 hours ago

Joaquin is hott here!!

8 hours ago

Basically a vibe check

8 hours ago

06:34 Joaquin: “You’re awful jimmy.”

8 hours ago


9 hours ago

How about another joke Jimmy?

10 hours ago


10 hours ago

These comments are literally making me think Joaquin said Jimmy is awful and asked him for another joke?

11 hours ago

Perfect example why Fallon is a disgrace to late night television.

12 hours ago

I don't understand this bit either. and I don't understand fans of Jimmy Fallon

12 hours ago

This is so awkward I love it

12 hours ago

i would not want him to be on my talk show after seeing the movie

13 hours ago

What is the name of the movie he has seen more than anybody else? I didn't catch that... I would like to challenge him

15 hours ago

Be careful jimmy. You know what he does to talk show hosts.

16 hours ago

Joaquin “You’re awful, Jimmy.”
“How about another joke, Jimmy?”

Jimmy Laughs “I’m in danger.”

16 hours ago

This is the worst interview of all time

16 hours ago

Joaquin is right though, why this guy still has a show, he is not funny and clearly dead inside

17 hours ago