The Strokes debut new song “The Adults Are Talking” at The Wiltern

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Published: 3 months ago
The Strokes debut new song at The Wiltern
“The Adults Are Talking”
May 13, 2019


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The adults are talking,

They are saying

Your sophisticated men complaining, overeducated.

They are bleeding on their old excuses, needs to wish and see.

Counting in your head ("Now they're in your lane"?)…

Now I’m sittin’ by the elevated

We cant help it If we are a problem

We are sittin’ on the fence on faces.

Climbing up your wall

Burn another wall...

Don’t go there cause you’ll never return

And tho you think of me when you think of her

And then you don’t think while ????

Cause you said it now, and you said it’s so

And then you did something wrong, (?????) (and you celebrate),

But then you wont look down and you’ll never relay

And then I won’t look down cause you want me to.

but then you want me to do it the same as you.

When I’m chasing

by the doom

I’m faded

Like earths quiet, quiet space invader

As they’re rising, on the streets you’re playing

Doing it for me

Doing it for me

And don’t go there cause you’re never retired

And when you think of me when you think of her

But then you “thank you son and we run from thoughts”.

But then your wise man say that advice a lot,

And they're following after dark cause you’re never alone

And then I’ll think of him and you’re so far gone

cause you want me to do it just like you

You want me to do it just the same as you

and I dont want anything

Not after you

I dont want mine

I dont want anyone

My Answer to long Answers


"Is this what You asked for? we deliver",

if you wanna know

im like on the edge
On the fucking avenue, everybody wanted you,

anything you wanted
i dont want to know

4 weeks ago

ho right a new song! sound up to a comercial from the unites states xD

1 month ago

Forever n ever with strokes 💚

1 month ago


2 months ago

Feels like they picked up right where they left off with their last EP. I know Jules was always pro two guitars contrasting each other so nice to see Nick and Fab get to shred. Nick was definitely feeling the song.

2 months ago

they are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 months ago

This shit slaps

2 months ago

This made me happy, please be in the studio ❤️

2 months ago

Ay mi corazón

2 months ago

I wanna buy it!

2 months ago

I just started crying at how happy this song made me, and I'm not even 2 minutes in yet 😢☺😄

2 months ago

He ALWAYS finds that niche!

2 months ago

I can imagine the argentians singing that riff.

2 months ago

Sounds like 80s CDM. Sorry nostalgia fans.

2 months ago

This is amazing!!!!!! Can’t wait!!

2 months ago

I cannot wait for this new album. The guitar on this sounds like a throwback to I Can't Win

2 months ago

Esto es hermoso🥺

2 months ago

I’ll be honest: kinda sounds like a half-baked throwaway on Angles.

2 months ago

They must have been so excited to bust this out

2 months ago

I saw them live in Detroit right after Julian broke his leg, he was seated the whole show but I'd love to see him tear shit up

2 months ago

New song, yay!!!

2 months ago

Can’t wait to hear the studio version, this is so good. This is that « Is this it » type shit we all love

2 months ago

Julian just needed another band to go artistically the way he wanted it to like the voidz so he can come back and do the strokes stuff again.

2 months ago

Sounds Good , I'm sure they will release new album very soon

2 months ago

I’m seeing the strokes in September so excited!!!

3 months ago

Muito a cara do Albert

3 months ago

Ten years ago i used to have my own band, we played all strokes songs ~ ;) Happy days

3 months ago

Dropeenla luego hijos de la maraca

3 months ago

I want more....

3 months ago


3 months ago