Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?

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AMD is undisputed among budget builders, but what is it that makes them such a great value? Time to find out!

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Anthony is cool :D

2 hours ago

Good, now compate it to a 750 dollar Mac

6 hours ago

Awesome video, hope you do for a little higher market segment (i5 9600 (k) and Ryzen 7 2700 (X) )

7 hours ago

1:20 is video start

9 hours ago

what would be cool , is if you could build a virtual pc with all the components you wanted . and see how it reforms... you guys would of tested enough pcs over the year to be able to do that.. :) love ya linus..

13 hours ago

$1500 budget would be cool

14 hours ago

It seems negligibly close. The average gamer isn't really going to notice a difference between 68 and 75 fps

15 hours ago

Definitely would love to see a video like this but focusing on the high end processors

16 hours ago

If you only have $750 to spend you really should watch for deals and snag your GPU used off of Ebay, you could slaughter these builds for that price point. I just slayed these for less that $700 last week for a customer build with much higher specs that performs better than these.

17 hours ago

Awesome video, would love to see more like this! Both Linus and Anthony were both fun in this video. :) I can see this helping people with their builds

18 hours ago

I pay for electricity.... how does this add to the equation?

19 hours ago

Who actually dislikes these videos? C’mon people

22 hours ago

loved this. more of these plz

22 hours ago

don't forget power consumption for each system, since electric bill uses real money

1 day ago

Linus ffs. Ones again you need to include, that EU citizens cant follow these "words". AMD and INTEL or almost just as expensive, so those advice or whatever i am to call, it rather useless for those living in Europe. If it is cheaper in europe it is so little that that no matter what INTEL would still be most value for your money. I get it that it is cheaper in US and canada, i KNOW it is, but in europe there is a bigger tax than EU & canada, we are litterally paying extra to give it to the CANCER called Europe Union. This is why every country and citizens in Europe should force the politicians to give this shitty cancer shit up! Follow the british who were clever enough to get the hell out of EU! EU = much more expensive in taxes = Much more expensive to buy stuff = the only ones who gain from this is the paycheck the politicians gets.

1 day ago

Compare motherboads. I wants to build a PC and Motherboards come in a huge price difference. Do the cheaper one have a worse performance?

1 day ago

These results are true if you are strictly gaming but ryzen definitely benefits from the extra cores and threads if you are doing anything else or gaming and streaming

1 day ago

Try making a balls out Intel v. AMD - then compare bang-for-buck comparisons... that is if you haven't already...

1 day ago

Other price points would be great. Another good one would be for other uses too, like content creators or science/engineering stuff. There is a lot of IT/engineering students and new content creators trying to maximize bang for a buck but they don't have any idea.

1 day ago

Should've checked professional performance as well

1 day ago

...So confused. He said the Intel Core i5-8400(6 cores @ 2.8GHz) is "more powerful" than the AMD Ryzen 5 2600(6 cores @ 3.4GHz).... HOW?
I'm admittedly way behind on processors(& a lot of PC hardware these days), but that just seems like a REALLY big difference to me & in the opposite direction from his statement. ...So, yea, what on Earth am I missing? Someone explain it to me please & thank you so much. :/

1 day ago

I'm actually getting an AMD Ryzen 2950X for my new build and the value was so good it allowed me to get more NvMe SSD and more memory

1 day ago

I Love how Linus was bitching with the hp 360 and saying how bad it was but he’s using it in this video, and a few months back saying how bad apple was, but Tweets from an iPhone. Linus, you’re full of shit and everyone knows it

1 day ago

What about quality over time? Which rig would last longer?

1 day ago

I was close to buying a i5 8400, but rather switched to a Ryzen 5 2600X, because of better benchmarks and I could get at a discount.

1 day ago

could it be possible you sugest me a configuration for at maximum 1000 dolars pc tower. games are not important, but the quality of the material are. it should run at least for 5 years. its purpuse is downloading media and watching video at in 4 k at 1gps speed. i think it shoul have a dedicate video card for not put that efort in the cpu. not overclocked, the motherbord sould have the latest wifi conection avaible.

2 days ago

I love these videos and it was neat seeing what they put together with a 750 dollar budget, but im curious fps benchmark wise how well both these builds in this video would do on poorly optimized games on a populated Rust server or Conan exiles server. I can torture my moldy potato of a pc all day long with csgo at around 55 fps on medium settings. but if I fire up rust, even if I run it on potato setting. with all its other optional settings as low as they can possibly go, I get 12 to 22 fps tops X_x and 30 in conan exiles. So im really curious how well either of these budget builds they showed in this video would run rust at low and medium settings.

2 days ago

Do one for content creation PCs

2 days ago

Do more videos like this, really gave true data for when your buying computer parts online. Thanks for the video.

2 days ago

really enjoyed this type of video. More chill, good information and well presented without being over the top.

2 days ago