Explaining APUs (A8-3870K Review)

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Published: 3117 days
Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) integrate graphics functionality into a microprocessor. This video explains APUs in general, before providing a review of an AMD A8-3870 APU paired with a Gigabyte A75M-S2V motherboard.

This video effectively demonstrates an A8-3870K upgrade to the budget PC I built in an earlier video -- http://youtu.be/KgP25BBzf38 -- and includes direct performance comparisons to this and other systems using Passmark 8.0. In addition to the above APU and motherboard, the system features 8GB of Corsair DDR 1333MHz RAM.

More info on the A8-3870K APU can be found here: http://shop.amd.com/US/All/Detail/Processor/AD3870WNGXBOX#Details

The Passmark 8.0 benchmark software used in the video is available here: http://passmark.com/products/pt.htm

For more videos on computing-related topics, why not visit my ExplainingComputers.com YouTube channel: youtubesmov.com/mov/tgninialpxe/vid.html?hefuture


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