Switches are Clicky; Here's Why

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Published: 1 week ago
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Click clack I was taken aback. Wonderin’ ‘bout those switches of light, yeah.
Let’s find out what the point is of all that clacking, shall we?

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comment  Comments

Did you have to re-wire those switches for that sequence to work at 0:06 ?

30 minutes ago

I notice that you use the word "toggle" to refer to the operating lever of a switch. This is common, but in fact, inaccurate. The "toggle" is the mechanism that causes the click--for exactly the purpose you describe. The click in a "toggle switch" results from the reversal of direction of the transverse force on a joint in a jointed bar as the joint passes through the straight position.

As I understand it, the word "toggle" refers in general to any mechanism that relies on the changing forces on a jointed bar as the joint passes through the straight position. Toggles can also be used to generate very high forces as the bar approaches straight. This is why "toggle clamps" are a thing.

It seems to me that Wikipedia used to have a whole page on toggle linkages, but alas it has been replaced with a brief and cryptic paragraph on the single page they now have on mechanical linkages. Or maybe I'm remembering wrong and that's all they ever head.

36 minutes ago

North American domestic electrical components look so clumsy and dangerous, thank god you only use 120v

3 hours ago

Ok i wouldn't abuse switches anymore

4 hours ago

This video has a lot of nice tactile sounds

5 hours ago

Well you learn something new everyday 😂😍😍

9 hours ago

Wouldn't a solution be to have the metal contacts in a vacuum? Basically have the switch portion in a small box that has been sealed with a vacuum (no air).A vacuum should prevent an arc as there is no material for the electrons to flow through. Or would the vacuum over time cause stray molecules from the contacts to become a gas with which to provide a medium for an arc?

13 hours ago

i got bad switches man

16 hours ago

Your joke was crying

17 hours ago

Hah! That britplug is only safe until you step on one that's lying on the floor at night.

20 hours ago

I wanna see something about outdoor warning sirens from him.

21 hours ago

Dude, I wanna hang out with you.

21 hours ago


22 hours ago

10:11 How to fix this: Use a transistor to power the load and use the switch to handle the small amount of voltage required to power the gate of the transistor. Granted, I don't think transistors can handle AC voltages, and the gate definitely needs DC, but you could use a Thyristor, and use the switch to control the gate of that. All you need to do is lower the AC voltage to a few volts and BOOM, the switch will, never arc because 3 volts and below is not enough to arc out. This has the added bonus of only requiring a transformer, and the Thyristor be added to the switch along side the needed connections.

22 hours ago

This has the double bonus of easily being turned into a light dimmer.

22 hours ago

When you say "That's beyond the scope of this video" what you're really saying is "watch a future video about that very specific niche subject on my channel very soon".

23 hours ago

You should extend this to the scene in Jurassic Park when Dr. Sattler has to pump the switch (against an internal spring) in order to then safely throw it into the closed position, which is why there is a very loud clack when she presses "PUSH TO CLOSE". Basically just a huge switch with so much speed required that you need to build it up.

23 hours ago

I liked putting 15+ amps of random shit on an extension cord and would try to hold the switch to make it spark, same with light switch that is wired to outlets lol. There are switches that are dead silent unless you actually try very hard to have them make sound, and I have tried to make them spark, but nope, never, not once. Never torn one apart and have not looked for them, but idk why they never would spark (or that i could hear). You could also leave them in any position, no it was not an adjustable resistor type of switch too lol.

1 day ago

9:40 I used to do that all the time as a kid, because I thought the strobing lights, and more dangerously, the buzzing from the switch were cool. Hehe, good thing nothing bad happened.

1 day ago

Holy crap, who did that shit job on wiring the cord to that broken AC outlet? Twist the wires Alec. Twist them tight. Tin them with solder if you have to. But don't leave them nasty like these are.

1 day ago

Thumbs up to whoever like me started flicking their light switches after this video finished ?

1 day ago

Is this Vsauce?

1 day ago

This reminds me of the time I flipped a light switch, just right, and put it right between on and off

1 day ago

What is the concept of de-bounce? I've never understood that.

1 day ago

No, it's because n switch

1 day ago

Nice Ektachrome t-shirt! :)

1 day ago

Was watching this on a toilet and just as he asked why it was so clicky the automatic light went off and clicked lol

1 day ago

You are one of the reasons I love Youtube.

1 day ago

Technology Connections: Talks about clicky light switches
Gaming Keyboards: Am I a joke to you?

1 day ago

1:55 And hope the live ones don't TO...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT!

1 day ago

Switches: exist
Humans: balance the switches in the middle so the light starts flickering.
Switches: bruh

2 days ago