Bat Spin Unboxing & Gameplay w/ Giveaway + WINNER! (Skylanders Trap Team)

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Published: 2879 days
Bat Spin arrives from Germany and we unbox her, check her all out, go over whos' left to be released (obtained by us), take a look at her in game and fight Rage Mage and other villains to show all the Skylanders Fans just how BEAST she is! Well, you'll really get to see it once we show you her path video! She is underrated for sure!

No Rest For Dee Wicked!

See Bat Spin take on Fisticuffs along with all LIGHT AND DARK VILLAIN CAPTURE CUTSCENES:

Giveaway for FRYNO ends Jan 2nd due to the upcoming holiday. There is only one winner, to enter:
- Just let us know that you want a chance to win!

The winner will be selected within 1 week of Jan 2nd and announced via:
(1) the comments section of this video
(2) on our Facebook page
- You can comment as many times as you'd like, there is only 1 winner and only youtube comments qualify.

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NOTE: We decided to include the WINTERFEST LOB STAR winner in this video, Stephan Zura, please contact us if you still want him. :)

►All Light and Dark Gates Opened:
►Bat Spin Unboxing & Gameplay:
►Dark Villain Quests + Evolved Gameplay w/ Eye Scream, Fisticuffs & Nightshade:
►Tae Kwon Crow Villain Quest + Evolved Gameplay, RESCUE the GOPHERs (Golden Desert):


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►LIGHT Element Rap Song:

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