Cooking Wagyu Steak - Marble Score 10! (#8)

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Published: 1371 days
This is how I grilled some marble score 10 Wagyu sirloin (poterhouse/New York strip) steak. This is Kiwami full blooded Wagyu sourced in Australia. It is very difficult to find as it's usually exclusively exported. I could have left it on the grill for shortly longer, but either way, this is the best steak I've ever had. Typically, Wagyu isn't often grilled like this that I am aware of, so I thought I'd try it.

- 225g (8 ounces)
- Marble score 10, full blooded Wagyu
- Around 1.4cm / 0.5" thick
- Lightly season with salt
- 90 seconds each side
- Minimum 5 minutes resting
- Weber 100 Q BBQ

Filmed on a Sony Cyber-Shot RX 100 V


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