Last To Stop Eating WORLDS HOTTEST WINGS Wins $10,000 - Eating Challenge

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Published: 6 months ago
So for today's challenge, I bought the worlds HOTTEST wings, and the last person to stop eating a wing, wins $10,000. It was CRAZY!

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If you read this far down the description I love you


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like 4 wingz.

6 months ago

Thank you

3 weeks ago

I was going for papa rug the whole time. can’t believe he won, also I done that challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings, and It was hella spicy, I’m going to get revenge here shortly. Also one more thing, that’s when I realized Ik I fucked up😂

1 month ago

@FazeRug I'll eat 10 of them for 1k

2 months ago

FaZe Rug i love ur video so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️😞😞😞
Wut is the point of commenting he isnt gunna see it anyways or get a heart😞😞😞😞😕☹️☹️☹️🙁😕

2 months ago

You're so lucky I love Hot Wings my mouth is really drooly🤤🤤

2 months ago

I bet you $100 that be all those hot wings

12 minutes ago

Let me do it

35 seconds ago

I love spicy food I really want to try it but I live in uk

21 minutes ago

Imagine valuing a glass of milk over 10k

2 hours ago

Of you want hot you should try black mamba get bitten hot sauce on Amazon

2 hours ago

Ur dad

2 hours ago

I had one and almost died

3 hours ago

That Vsco girl named Rebecca is really annoying.

4 hours ago

Smhow Im hungry looking at they eating, tbh i would just eat all of it HAHAH

5 hours ago

Papa rug

11 hours ago

I ate 100 and legit almost died

15 hours ago

I’m rooting for papa rug

16 hours ago

I want them so bad now

16 hours ago

Bro makes wanna think I can eat that but at the end I’m like .....

17 hours ago

Months Later: Brawadis Has Wings that have a 2,000,000 scoville unit

18 hours ago

Papa rug

23 hours ago

I have

1 day ago

FaZe Rug go Dubai again please

1 day ago

Papa rug is winning

1 day ago

Anyone else craving wings now

1 day ago

Low key those wings looks good

1 day ago

My win was on jessica but...NOOOO!!!!! Know Anthony

1 day ago

I’ve done the 12 wings in 6 mins challenge don’t ask why it was the most painful thing in the world

1 day ago

Wings looks good, I’ve tried it, it’s not that 🥵, I tasted Carolina reaper

1 day ago

It’s not that bad 😂

1 day ago

Papa rug

1 day ago

Tabasco is not even spicy

1 day ago

I tried the Carolina reaper before

1 day ago

the pokemon Blaziken made a cameo through faze

1 day ago


2 days ago