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Published: 7 months ago

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OUTTRO:Fortnite Dance Music (Lucas Fader Remix)

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comment  Comments

Dang he is toxic

2 hours ago

Not old enough

3 hours ago

5 hours ago

Season 9 anyone

6 hours ago

10:50 music?

6 hours ago

2:26 lol

7 hours ago

2:25 Ninja: could he be a bush? laughs gets me every time

7 hours ago

1:56 ish u got the chug jug tho u cant tell him to drink ur inventory


9 hours ago

Ninja do pon pon

9 hours ago

Oh man his old dono music😣

12 hours ago

He's so mean and he's so annoying it's boring

14 hours ago

700 squad wins

14 hours ago


15 hours ago

All these player are probably
Sweaty try hard now

16 hours ago

I know right

8 hours ago

Will you me as friend in fortnite

17 hours ago

I hate ninja

22 hours ago

6:14 Green boggie

23 hours ago

Ninja has bars

23 hours ago

Fortnite is DEAD

23 hours ago

It’s the house background god remember

1 day ago

That’s Tuff Lmao

1 day ago

Who else is triggered that ninja killed the default:

1 day ago

If it went back to season 2 and I had the skill I had right now I would have infinite victory royales

1 day ago

3:57 that is the face of nightmares

1 day ago

Ninja used to be a goddamn psychopath. What drugs they put him on?

1 day ago

Ninja you fucking sucks baaaaaaad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 day ago

Very bad and mean why dont you swon them man plzz

1 day ago

I miss the old ninja and the old Fortnite

1 day ago

Hi Ninja I am a big fan and i watch your streams🤑🤑🤑🎖🏆🏅🥇🎮🤴🖕✌🕶😎😎😎😎😎🍕🍕🍕

1 day ago

Thats alot of views

1 day ago