Passengers killed in helicopter crash had to be cut out of their harnesses

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Published: 1 year ago
New details are emerging surrounding a deadly helicopter crash in New York. Divers had to cut the passengers out of their safety harnesses, which were tethered to the chopper during the open-door flight. CBS News transportation correspondent Kris Van Cleave reports.

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2 days ago

1300 feet up and hit the water in 4 seconds? ummm.... no. More like 30 seconds.

3 months ago

Umm suck my weiner ummmmm ummmmm

4 days ago

That is cbs for you. No common sense....

1 month ago

삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다.

1 year ago

All pilots for that company didn't use those standard construction harnesses they gave passengers, they used FAA approved 5 point quick release seatbelts. That is how he escaped and all the passengers were doomed to die. That pilot also chose to moronically ditch into the freezing water instead of doing an autorotating landing into central park.

1 year ago

That must be the worst feeling as a pilot. To have everyone who entrusted their lives with you die while you lived. I don’t think there is a worse fate than that.

1 year ago

how did the pilot escape??? may they rest in peace...

1 year ago

All pilots for that company didn't use those construction harnesses, they used FAA approved 5 point quick release seatbelts.

1 year ago

buy American fly American.. 1776... euro copters have so many crashes there was one just a few weeks ago in the grand canyon.. a eurocopter...

1 year ago

@Lucas Reed most other helis don't have the fuel cutoff in such a troublesome location.

1 month ago

some of these helos are built in america

2 months ago

This was due to someone switching off the fuel cutoff. Nothing to do with reliability of EuroCopter.

1 year ago

Sad loss

1 year ago

So sad.

1 year ago