Domestic Respite | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 62

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Published: 2 months ago
The Mighty Nein explore their new keep while anticipating the meeting at the Overcrow Apothecary...

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HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
2:25 Sam knocks out some auditions
4:10 Sam checks if there is any way he could lose the sponsorship
8:25 Happy Birthday Marisha
9:25 Intro cinematic
11:05 Episode Starts
12:30 Recap Ends
13:10 Divvying up rooms
19:45 I mean it makes timestamping pretty easy
22:10 Caduceus checks for vibes
28:30 Caduceus spreads his seed
30:25 Caduceus hears from his eyes
31:15 The Homeowner’s Association will be all over them
32:50 The logical conclusion of Cad’s arc
35:15 No happy in the war room
40:55 Jester and Yasha
44:40 Laura never disappoints
50:25 M9 is that family that gets really into the holidays
53:35 Fjord supports small local businesses
55:55 Blending in
58:30 The neighbors are catty
1:05:50 Jester and Fjord
1:07:25 Canon
1:09:55 Caleb confronts Nott on the letter
1:12:45 Checking the Pillow Trove
1:14:35 Dammit, I liked Zadash
1:17:25 The past is a mistake
1:18:45 Caleb and Beau
1:23:25 Liam denies his feelings for Sam
1:24:50 That spa will host a cannonball contest
1:31:10 Sam’s lacrosse career
1:42:15 Sam practices some sleight of hand against Laura
1:43:15 Scanlan invented the arcane suppository
1:44:55 Uninviting invitation
1:47:35 Yasha flirts accidentally
1:51:20 It’s a full house
1:51:50 Beau learns how to host
1:55:50 The White Xhorhassian (Foster, get on it)
1:57:00 Caleb and Fjord
2:06:00 it gets steamy
2:08:00 Break Starts
2:14:05 Sam’s new campaign commercial
2:15:25 Art Montage
2:27:35 Break Ends
2:28:45 Frumpkin is an outdoor familiar
2:33:05 Now Jester is the stinky one
2:33:55 Sprinkle care
2:37:40 Why would you be so mean Ashley?
2:43:55 The next oneshot: The Quest for Thaddeus
2:53:30 It’s an ideal city for sneaking
3:02:45 Planning and prep are done, infiltration of the Overcrow begins
3:05:45 Fjord finally uses his sex appeal
3:07:20 Matt has a broad definition of “directly”
3:11:50 Jester is into it
3:14:00 Hippy Drow
3:22:50 They finally found the spice
3:26:00 Xhorhaus
3:28:45 A real map
3:31:40 Talking to Shakaste
3:35:15 The scry
3:38:00 Discussing the scry
3:52:10 Beau and Fjord
3:58:40 Episode Ends
The in-game start date for the episode was the 25th of Horisal 836. Sam’s flask says “Welcome to Xhorhaus. Leave your warlock powers at the door”
Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

2 months ago

Thank you so much I (stupidly) delayed this episode multiple days because of that planning session (it weirdly bored me even though I love planning heists)

1 week ago

Thank you so much for commenting this

1 month ago

What about the amazing quote that Caduceus pulled out of NOWHERE: 3:48:33
"Whipping the tide for daring to turn without leave."

1 month ago

2:37:12 "Here, human, eat this teenager"
can't breathe

1 month ago

Flando. I’ve been watching campaign 1 and I’ve missed you so so much

1 month ago


23 hours ago

I really want to know what level Yezah is - with that +2 on Nott's tinkering checks, he could be as low as 1st level, given some damn good rolls, but I'd like to think he'd be more like 3rd or 4th

1 day ago

I LOVE how Liam is always giving Matt more stuff to work with, story arcs to explore, world building to do. I love Liams story!

1 day ago

If they want the letter why dont they ask the gentleman for a favor? Like i doubt the dude care they are across the border. Send him a message and ask to get the letter and bring it to them at a certain checkpoint. Or bring it to jesters place and have someone teleport, get it and come back?

2 days ago

Im only an hour in and dont want to jinx it but tHIS IS THE MOST WHOLESOME EPISODE OH MY GOOSES I WANT A HOUSE IN XHORHAS

2 days ago

I don't know if the package from Calianna is from Mark Hulmes himself or by Matt but it makes me so happy that Jester and Calianna are pen pals 🥰

4 days ago

is no one gonna talk about the mt house

5 days ago

I just noticed that the music in the beginning where they're finding their rooms is Hearthstone music.
That's freaking awesome

5 days ago

Whenever anyone says "sigil" you can see Matt's face tense up

5 days ago

The Daylight spell does not even produce actual sunlight?

5 days ago

Shhhhh, let them roleplay

4 days ago

When Cadeucus says he wants to build his own room... why am I imagining him just building a crow's nest?

And I don't mean the ship version.

6 days ago

Only Beau knows what Caleb did to his parents at this point, right? He said recently about murdering those closest to him and Jester didn't ask who so I'm getting confused.

6 days ago

I think in part of this episode Caleb might have forgotten exactly what Jester's mum's proffesion is- putting out a spy to look for 'suspicious human men' visiting the most famous lady of the night on the menagerie coast would generate the most absurd result of any spy work imaginable. 'well to report, i have the description of about 40 suspicious human men attempting to conceal their identity within the lavish chateau this month, but i suspect that's mostly because they didn't want their wives/mothers finding out they were there?' I mean worry about the Ruby's safety, but probably not about anyone seeing you enter (i'd imagine some of the richer clients make sure the entire place is triple warded against any scrying).

6 days ago

For a moment on the dnd beyond ad read Cameron Campbell showed up.

1 week ago

Every time they mention the Luxon, I picture the Lorax.

1 week ago

3:05:47 Travis decides he needs to be the Scanlan of this campaign and screw his way through adversity. EDIT: Shakaste is the MVP. Holy shiz.

1 week ago

1:00 So, new sponsor next week?

18:00 Now I know what teammates feel like when I spend ten minutes organizing my inventory.

22:00 Caduceus' new spell: Detect Vibes. Far out...

25:50 The DM was both ready and not ready for the M9's redecorating plans.

28:00 The M9, keeping a low profile, as usual...

33:00 The final battle better be atop that tree or I'll be disappointed. The M9 versus Chairna The Unvarnishable needs a fitting battleground.

35:00 Happy room and war room, right next to each other. Sounds nice.

39:00 Fjord likes redundancy. It is redundant.

41:00 Aww how nice of Jester to paint a mural for Yas- Oh, of course there would be dicks involved, why did I ever expect anything else?

46:00 Of course clerics get the spells that cost fuckloads of gold. It's realistic, I mean, real life clergy? Get large, showy temples built to honor guys who their own scriptures state to be against vanity. Now if clerics in real life could actually bring people back to life... Yeah. Fantasy clerics rock. Give them all your gold.

50:00 Put a lot of Daylight orbs in the middle of a neighbourhood where photosensitive elves live. Yeah, the Nein are really fitting in, you guys!

54:00 Usual "Polytheist" country. Huge temples for the main deity, shitty-ass shacks for all those other losers.

55:30 They said "we'll try to blend in" but they probably meant "we'll put this whole city in a blender."

1:14:00 Nott has the best cleanup plans.

1:18:00 Jester asks the really important question.

1:25:00 Fantasy Jacuzzi. At this point, Fantasy Sims 4.

1:27:00 Nott has a Husband of Alchemy+2 equipped.

1:30:00 Fluffernutter 3: Son of Fluffernutter.

1:40:00 Paying six thousand gold pieces to up the AC by probably 1 or 2, of the one party member belonging to a class that's supposed to soak up damage and has ways to make damage taken laughable. That's such a good investment. Hey M9, I have a bridge for sale, if you're interested...

1:43:00 Arcane suppositories. Perfect for your party's anal retentive mage.

1:45 Beau tries to smile. Her Friendly Slasher smile is like an automatic crit one for charisma rolls.

1:48:30 I was hoping for a Fireball. Not disappointed because giant cat claw.

1:50:00 Caleb gets a date.

1:51:30 Beau is going to be the best damn host she can be.

2:06:40 Bad perception roll, going to a break? I'm sure nothing bad will happen!

2:29:00 "Look, I'm not saying it's Craven Edge, but it's Craven Edge." What is that? This one is a longsword and Craven was a greatsword? Sorry, but crazy conspiracy theorist fanoids aren't swayed so easily by meager little things like facts.

2:31:00 "Don't micromanage my husband, he's fine." - Nott the... Veth.

2:33:00 Sprinkles has been dead for twenty episodes now, but nobody ever rolls perception to see if he is alive.

2:36:00 The saga of Sprinkle the Red will be sung by bards all across Exandria for generations to come.

2:37:00 "Here human, eat this teenager." - Travis. Uh, no thanks. They're stringy and way too salty.

2:39:00 "Let's focus on the war, not the room." And here I wish real-life warmongering dickheads focused fully on the room instead of the war. Stop forcing your children to train as brainwashed murderers and start training them to be human.

2:51:00 Shakaste is the babysitter they need, not the hero they deserve.

2:52:30 Tell me they were expecting Laura to jump at the chance when they mentioned back entrances. They would know she would.

1 week ago

Who needs Game of Thrones anymore, the amount of political intrigue in this campaign is easily filling that void.

1 week ago

Wait... if you can scry on people simply by knowing their name or what they look like, why is it so hard for the Cerberus Assembly to find Caleb/Brenn?

1 week ago

Beau hiding her face literally does nothing because everybody can clearly see her tan arms and they're the only humans in basically the entire nation

1 week ago


1 week ago

I have a feeling that Caleb is going to betray the party late game and it will be up to forjd to stop him

1 week ago

If you get this you a mo fo mvp


1 week ago

“Is there a back entrance?”
“To the goblin or the building?”

1 week ago

The weasel thing broke me. What a gang of lovely idiots <3

1 week ago


2 weeks ago

Watching this after episode 69. Mistake

2 weeks ago

Caleb: Am I...evil?
Jester: What? Do I not tell you this enough? You are, like, evilest guy I know!

2 weeks ago

did jester just pitch adding a glory hole between her and fjord's room?

2 weeks ago