Domestic Respite | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 62

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Published: 5 days ago
The Mighty Nein explore their new keep while anticipating the meeting at the Overcrow Apothecary...

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HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
2:25 Sam knocks out some auditions
4:10 Sam checks if there is any way he could lose the sponsorship
8:25 Happy Birthday Marisha
9:25 Intro cinematic
11:05 Episode Starts
12:30 Recap Ends
13:10 Divvying up rooms
19:45 I mean it makes timestamping pretty easy
22:10 Caduceus checks for vibes
28:30 Caduceus spreads his seed
30:25 Caduceus hears from his eyes
31:15 The Homeowner’s Association will be all over them
32:50 The logical conclusion of Cad’s arc
35:15 No happy in the war room
40:55 Jester and Yasha
44:40 Laura never disappoints
50:25 M9 is that family that gets really into the holidays
53:35 Fjord supports small local businesses
55:55 Blending in
58:30 The neighbors are catty
1:05:50 Jester and Fjord
1:07:25 Canon
1:09:55 Caleb confronts Nott on the letter
1:12:45 Checking the Pillow Trove
1:14:35 Dammit, I liked Zadash
1:17:25 The past is a mistake
1:18:45 Caleb and Beau
1:23:25 Liam denies his feelings for Sam
1:24:50 That spa will host a cannonball contest
1:31:10 Sam’s lacrosse career
1:42:15 Sam practices some sleight of hand against Laura
1:43:15 Scanlan invented the arcane suppository
1:44:55 Uninviting invitation
1:47:35 Yasha flirts accidentally
1:51:20 It’s a full house
1:51:50 Beau learns how to host
1:55:50 The White Xhorhassian (Foster, get on it)
1:57:00 Caleb and Fjord
2:06:00 it gets steamy
2:08:00 Break Starts
2:14:05 Sam’s new campaign commercial
2:15:25 Art Montage
2:27:35 Break Ends
2:28:45 Frumpkin is an outdoor familiar
2:33:05 Now Jester is the stinky one
2:33:55 Sprinkle care
2:37:40 Why would you be so mean Ashley?
2:43:55 The next oneshot: The Quest for Thaddeus
2:53:30 It’s an ideal city for sneaking
3:02:45 Planning and prep are done, infiltration of the Overcrow begins
3:05:45 Fjord finally uses his sex appeal
3:07:20 Matt has a broad definition of “directly”
3:11:50 Jester is into it
3:14:00 Hippy Drow
3:22:50 They finally found the spice
3:26:00 Xhorhaus
3:28:45 A real map
3:31:40 Talking to Shakaste
3:35:15 The scry
3:38:00 Discussing the scry
3:52:10 Beau and Fjord
3:58:40 Episode Ends
The in-game start date for the episode was the 25th of Horisal 836. Sam’s flask says “Welcome to Xhorhaus. Leave your warlock powers at the door”
Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

5 days ago

Spheal! You are truly a man/ woman/ frog/ Apache attack helicopter/ other of culture!

11 hours ago

Thanks for breaking that out!

3 days ago

Either you have dunamancy powers or you watch it live and keep track of the events to time stamp them for us. Either way thank you!

3 days ago

01:52:23 Caleb learns some dunamancyyyyy <3

4 days ago

I feel this is the best place to ask this. What was the time era for this same episode number for campaign one?

4 days ago

I love matts world. So much!!!!! Also i just realise enchantments have become more common in the world. They found a enchanted cart very early in game.

1 hour ago

After saving against an effect like scrying you can't be scriyed on by the same person for 24 hours. A different person can still try.

2 hours ago

For Liam: Why don't make a teleportation circle in your basement, then you can go from your house to other places and back...

3 hours ago

Beau sud for everyone

5 hours ago

2:34:00-2:39:00. I am laughing so hard I am almost crying. THESE are the times when low rolls are priceless. Poor Sprinkles!!

7 hours ago

That was a brilliant scry that Matt produced. Forcing the players to finally have to pick sides. What a wonderful predicament. Great storytelling!

8 hours ago

This is the perfect group to find a bag of drugs. Last campaign was all the popular kids, this group is the class rejects.

10 hours ago

Watching this, I can put my DND character into this and just imagine what I would do in there situations. I love it!

10 hours ago

I made it...All campain 1 and 2. I made It. Now I Wait...for thursday. OMGGGGG

11 hours ago

Only critical roll can have 4 hour episodes and get half a million views

11 hours ago

"It's like a Batman villain"

13 hours ago

I look forward to when Beau and Cad scry on thaddius and he makes his wisdom save and sends hitbirds after the ppl trying to find him

18 hours ago

I just realized bo reminds me of billey eilish

18 hours ago


18 hours ago

It's like she's almost asking for smut to be made with her little "hole in the wall" idea.

19 hours ago

Fuck, I'm finally caught up. Not I can no longer just jump to the next episode on a cliffhanger lol

21 hours ago

If Sam isn't here next week we'll know why.

23 hours ago

3:02:52 The shop owner lady Matt is playing as is literally just Toad from Mario.

1 day ago

32:00 Wait, what? A tree that gives light? Laurelin!!! I'm definately making Laurelin someday in my D&D campaign.

1 day ago

My Leige is an address you would use when talking to your leige lord - the noble to whom you are obligated and the noble who is (at least in theory) also obligated to protect and provide for you. It does not specify rank but would never be used for a king because you would use other addresses specifically for a king which trump the use of Leige. If you addressed your king as "my liege" you would be insulting him even if he was technically also your liege lord.

1 day ago

Is Matt actually getting even better at this?

1 day ago

Did Caleb suggest a turn towards DeMonkcracy, with the Cobalt soul taking over the Cerberus Assembly?

1 day ago

Talison's laugh though! At 2:35:47 Man that made me about piss myself laughing.

1 day ago

Calianna is real best girl

1 day ago

Taleisen has such a polite receding hairline .

1 day ago

Oh I love that Yezza/Veth teamwork. XD

1 day ago

Xhorhaus vs Empire. If you were playing in this world, which side would fight for and why?

Me: I would try to get in nice with the Golden Chain and fight for the highest bidder. This is a story of two empires fighting each other, not Good vs Evil, so who cares which side win?

1 day ago

After of i think 2 weeks or more of binging am done with this one!! Now need to wait for the next ep GODS!!!!!!

1 day ago

Ruling notes: Scrying reads "On a successful save, the target isn’t affected, and YOU can’t use this spell against it again for 24 hours.". While it is the DM's prerogative to do whatever they want, the ruling in the show seems like an accidental misreading rather than an intentional ruling.

The side effect is that if an amateur attempted the spell and borked it, a legion of elite mages would be unable to scry against that target for 24 hours. Alternatively, people who want to remain secret would simply hire a cleric with Resistance and Scrying and have them help them succeed a save against the spell once a day.

1 day ago