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Published: 2 weeks ago


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I've been there: thought was trans, genderfluyd, non binary. Turns out that I was having an identity crisis, this is so important to differ because you can actually get to feel the gender dysphorya... and so much more. I even got to think I was a cat, a child and an elder person. Be wise, people; make good research, get some good orientation if possible and don't fear to be honest with your story always. You are important and beautyful just as you were created. You need a break, girl. That's it.

7 minutes ago

i feel like you can see so much hurt within her. Who gives af what she is doing. LEAVE HER ALONE

22 minutes ago

You are so full of shit Trisha. You didn’t think you’d get so much backlash??? Get help girl

43 minutes ago

Looks like someone punched her in her face and her lips are swollen. Eww her face is soo ugly her head is humongous

50 minutes ago

Dude, feeling masculine doesn't make you trans. She said she identifies as a female but feels like a male (masculinity) though, so you aren't trans. Look at me, I'm masculine as well and very tomboy, but guess what? I still identify as a female and I don't consider myself trans just because I have aspects of masculine behavior.

2 hours ago

I need a therapist after watching this!

2 hours ago

Dude all you guys saying that she confused or that she’s just in an identity crisis, he is 31 Year old he is old enough to know what he is y’all lgbtq went through the same thing you guys wouldn’t like it if a person would tell you your confused or shit like that yet over 4.9M tell (HIM) he’s confused y’all from lgbtq need to evolve it the majority of y’all say he doesn’t-know his own gender all gay people dress up as girls and do girly thing why can’t he I mean y’all it not you decision to say who and what is he , he is just another human being

2 hours ago

She's mostly plastic last time I checked plastic is not gendered.

3 hours ago

You have more thumbs down than up I guess you don't càre what kinda attention you get good bad it's attention next make a video about being a furry

3 hours ago

As a trans guy I do not think she is trans, I think she thought her channel was dying so she needed something to get her back on the charts and get people back on her channel and watching her videos

3 hours ago

I’m glad you’re getting help from a therapist and trying to figure things out with him. Gender is multi-faceted and hard to figure out and it takes time. Experimentation is so important, I’m sorry you’ve been pressured to put a label on yourself so quickly and that people are trying to dictate your gender. That’s all your personal stuff, everyone is unique, and there’s a lot of grey area when gender is involved. Love yourself no matter what, and keep seeking help from your therapist and education from other trans people who can help you find your way through your gender. Good luck, T.

3 hours ago

Same shirt same hair as today’s video. 😑

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6 hours ago

I feel she is confusing being a masculine female with being trans. I would say she is none binary but in the last video her words where ‘I personality don’t like the pronouns they/them it’s confusing’. I’m not trans but I have friends that are and for someone who is seeming so confident in their female body she isn’t trans. I don’t want to sit here and judge her but I think she just needs to actually do her research and find out what she wants to label and identify herself as before actually coming into the internet where thousands of people can watch this and be offended. And it seems like she kinda just has a fetish for gay guys

8 hours ago

......this is embarrassing

8 hours ago

Trisha, come on! You knew exactly how much backlash you were gonna get!!!

10 hours ago

People need to unsubscribe to this clout chaser. So many trans people died to be who they are and here she is doing something for views. Fuck outta here

12 hours ago

Shane, I know you're somehow friends with her, but please do NOT do us the disservice of doing a docu series on her. Everyone asking that needs to hush because that man is better than this. AND BY THAT MAN I MEAN SHANE. Trish just needs to learn before she speaks and get off the internet.

13 hours ago

I can't even watch this whole thing. Listen, if you really had gender dysphoria & truly felt like you're a male then you wouldn't be getting fake tits, you wouldn't be showing off your body so much, you wouldn't be as girly as you display, you would be uncomfortable having a vagina- which you're clearly not because you have a whole patreon dedicated to sexual stuff, I could go on & on. You can feel like a gay man that's fine, you can be gender queer, etc. BUT to be transgender you have to have body dysphoria where you literally look in the mirror and feel like your body isn't yours. No matter how much you try to say that, look at your whole online career and it doesn't match up. You're being so ignorant and disrespectful to all those transgender people who have suffered with these things. JUST STOP. Do some fking research, talk to actual trans people, talk to some gender queer people, LEARN. & while you're learning- SHUT UP. Stop sharing every half cooked thought to the internet and making yourself look like an idiot.

13 hours ago

She doesn’t even know what gender she wants to be

13 hours ago

This apology is giving me strong Laura lee vibes 😂😂😂

13 hours ago

Fake ... seeking attention.😡

13 hours ago

Her Apology Video Is Longer Then Her Actual Coming Out Video Like.. Tf Going On?

14 hours ago

Bruh your therapist must need a therapist

16 hours ago

Why do people in apology videos always talk like they calling in sick for work ?

18 hours ago

Girl ..... you need to stop wasting noney buying luxury items and save that money to take some travel.

Travel to Bali or come to the South Pacific and enjoy your self. Take some time to rediscover your self and identify whats best for you.

You havent taken a trip out of USA after your breakup. Regain your self confidence girl.

You will never regret

18 hours ago

5.6.7 💀

18 hours ago

Massive confusion between being masculine and being male. There's a difference between identity -- who you are -- and behaviour -- masculinity. You need to get your shit together and actually get some help. Get offline, stop talking this rambling bullshit, and get some proper help. If you truly believe you might be trans or that you're struggling with your gender find yourself a gender therapist, that's what they're for.

Otherwise, all of this stuff, the things you said in your video about being trans....Some of it is so problematic. You may not realise why, and that's alright, we don't all know everything about everything, but you need to listen to what people who are in the community are telling you. Some of this is an issue and you need to talk to someone about this. I mean, we're "transgender people," not "transgenders". We're people, multifaceted, complex people, not just our genders. That's really hurtful. You need to get this right if you're going to be a voice for people or try to put your voice out there.

And trans men -- or trans masculine people -- were born with vaginas and do/did have breasts. You can choose to bind your chest and pack or to medically and socially transition, but having breasts doesn't mean you're automatically not trans either. It just seems like you need some help across the board and need to think this through.

22 hours ago

💞💞💞💜💜💜We love you babydoll 💜💜💜💞💞💞

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