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Published: 1 week ago
Second Channel!
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search to win

39 minutes ago

Do more minecraft

1 hour ago


2 hours ago

finding a button, when you're pointing at it, so hard.

5 hours ago

Thumbnail stolen

5 hours ago

do u know ur seasons. come on eliot :(

6 hours ago

Do another find the button video please please please please

6 hours ago

your seasons were way off 😂

6 hours ago

You were behind 1 the intire time

6 hours ago

He confused every season.

7 hours ago

3 IQ

7 hours ago

It started with season 2 Elliot. IT STARTED WITH SEASON DAMN 2 AND THEIR KNIGHTS!

7 hours ago

to remind you of what you said on level one, LOW IQ!!!!!

8 hours ago

Season what 😲 ???

9 hours ago

How many times can 1 person mess up seasons

9 hours ago

lannan isnt gonna die alone cause he is dating ur SISTER

10 hours ago

Are you stupid Elliot season 3 meteor season 4 rocket season 5 cube spawn desert season 6 cube Island

11 hours ago

17:28 lmao I found the button before they could 😆😆😆

11 hours ago

I love the cray and muesli duo

13 hours ago

Get your seasons right

14 hours ago

Muselk- We love you Kevin

Also Muselk- Doing take the L

17 hours ago

Sees a volcano, SEASON 6 BOYS

18 hours ago

Hey muselk I am making a find the button map with a fun theme of levels for it would you play it i dont have a creator code yet but I could invite you to play it would you play it when i finish? I would greatly appreciate it😄😄😄

20 hours ago

How are they so fucking dumb and don’t realize it was seasons 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9

23 hours ago

I’m pretty sure “season 1” is actually season 2 and that’s why it’s like a medieval castle cuz of the knights

23 hours ago

these comments are amazing

23 hours ago

Season 6 witkevin

23 hours ago

I saw the first one

1 day ago


1 day ago

Muselk: gets all the seasons wrong.
Me: ok, then.

1 day ago