La Street - Patinage / Freestyle Ice Skating

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Published: 3 years ago
Discover more Ice Freestyle here:
Freestyle Ice Skating improvisation mashup demo by different teams such as Flow Freestyle, SHIFT Ice Freestyle, Harderz, CRYOS, etc ... and the French collective Freestyle On Ice. Shot during the Green Party 4 event, organised by team Ice Style.

Links to their Facebook pages:

Flow Freestyle:
SHIFT Ice Freestyle:
Freestyle On Ice:
Ice Style:

Music: Oriental Trap - Trap Mix


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About XEO Lifestyle:

XEO Lifestyle is a project set-up by Orixis Jay to promote the sport of Freestyle Ice Skating - and ice skating in general - worldwide to people of all ages and all backgrounds!

XEO Lifestyle is more than just ice skating, it's about the lifestyle of ice skaters worldwide!

With XEO Lifestyle you can discover, experience & share this lifestyle worldwide!


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I thought they were cool their dancing on ice

1 year ago

The drop was failed with the grandpa

1 year ago

pro sketer

2 years ago

guys where do you from?

2 years ago

Boulogne sur mer

3 months ago


2 years ago

Sorry but i gotta say this : You guys don't know anything about hiphop and bboy culture and do this shit on ice. Since when is a windmill cool on ice , even tho its just a fucking windmill. Don't call yourself breakers or anything like that, every true bboy would have asked what shit this is. You guys think u look cool doin freezes, but tbh its just embarrassing. Don't do this , that has nothing in common with bboying

2 years ago

Just let them skate

1 year ago

I heard you the first time you said "don't do this", but no where did they mention "bboy" or "breaking"

2 years ago

patou mon idole je t adore

3 years ago

Idol 😍

3 years ago

our seasen ends in two weeks :((((((((((

3 years ago

Wow so much talent

3 years ago

acho tudo muito top, mas estou com saudade dos manos fazer os passos ensaiados.
Tão so pulando, dando salto, isso ta saindo da patinação jã e virando ginastica kk!!!!

3 years ago